Black Widow Murders Episode 2: Streaming Guide & Release Date

Black Widow Murders Episode 2 The series is ready to go and fans are anxiously waiting. Oxygen launched a new series called Black Widow Murders on Sunday night. This series follows women who are unlikely suspects in crimes, but all were discovered to have the motivation and desire to cause damage. Black Widow Murders tells the tales of wicked women who subvert social norms regarding the “fairer sex” by seducing their victims into grisly ends in exchange for money, passion, or power. These women are tempted by power fantasies that allow them to seize power in the most brutal ways possible, be it as a serial divorcee, career con artist or homemaker living a secret life.

They won’t stop unless authorities successfully prosecute them. Lark Productions and Catalina Content produced the series. By focusing on female murders and crimes of passion, the new series turns the notion that women are the “fairer sex” on its head. Black widows are those who kill many people for monetary gain. It doesn’t matter what type or level of murder, there will always be some financial advantage. Here’s everything you need to know. Black Widow Murders Episode #2 release. 

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Black Widow Murders Episode #2

On October 2, 2022 Black Widow Murders Episode #2 It will be available. It will be 60 minutes in length and titled Josephine Gray. A murder scene made to look like a drug deal goes sour is what detectives see and instantly know they are up against a unique case. Their search for the killer would reveal lies, voodoo and many victims.

Black Widow Murders Episode 2

The series’ first episode told the story of Sharon Nelson who had been married three times, but ended up killing two. The bodies of Nelson’s second and third husbands were discovered; the first appeared to have drowned accidentally, while the second had died in a home fire. The discovery of two bullet wounds to the face on her third husband’s burned body during the autopsy came as a shock to her. The first episode will explain how Sharon was linked to the deaths of both men by detectives, and why.

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Cast of Black Widow Murders

Here’s the cast. Black Widow Murders Episode 2 Expect the cast to remain the same for the next episode. Most actors will likely reprise their roles. 

Cory Davison

The Shape: A Halloween Fan Feature (2022), Stranger Next Door (2022), and Chasing A Dream are among Cory Davison’s notable works.

Peter Aylward

The Untouchables (1987), Lonely Hearts (2006), My Blind Brother (2016), and Nothing is Impossible are among Peter Aylward’s best-known works (2021). After being born in England, he was raised in Illinois. He was a member of the Penn State MFA Acting Program in the 1970s.

Tim Munsey

Edgar, Evicted (2022), Super Heists (2021), and The Mark of a Killer are among Tim Munsey’s best-known works (2019).

Matt Webb

Matt Webb created Despondent (2022), Stranger Next Door 2022, and The Good Matchmaker (2022).

Jeff Sherwood

The Mark of a Killer (2019), Black Widow Murders (2022), and Storm of Suspicion  (2018) are notable works by Jeff Sherwood.

Leigh Anne Coleman

American actress Leigh Anne Coleman is a producer and director. She is most recognized for her work as a reporter and producer for KRDO News Channel 13 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and WVLT – Local 8 News in Knoxville, Tennessee’s morning broadcasts.

Black Widow Murders Episode 2 Cast

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Black Widow Murders Episode 2.

You can even watch Black Widow Murders Episode #2 Different platforms. Below is a list of all these, along with the subscription costs. 

The Come Up is available on fuboTV. It offers streaming and live television. Freeform is available in all of the options, with monthly prices starting at $69.99. Don’t forget to take advantage of the 7-day free trial that FuboTV is now providing to new users.

Sling TV
Sling TV’s Orange and Orange + Blue bundles include Freeform if you live in the United States. Sling TV is currently offering a half-off special on its $35 monthly pricing.

Hulu+ Live TV

If you wish to view it live on Freeform, you can also select Hulu + Live TV. Prices begin at $69.99 a month, and for that same amount, you’ll also get free access to Disney Plus and ESPN Plus in addition to the On-Demand library.


You can watch The Come Up online by choosing the one that suits you best. YouTube TV has Freeform available for $54.99 in the first three months and then $64.99 each month. DirecTV TV Stream offers $54.99 in the first two-months, and then $54.99 monthly.

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