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Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather, a British sitcom, was first broadcast on BBC One on 16 October 1989 through 24 December 1998. It was then rerun by ITV on 2 January 2014 until 24 Dec 2020. Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran were the show’s creators. Many episodes were also written by Lesley Joseph and Linda Robson. People are curious to learn more about the Birds of a Feather cast.

Birds Of A Feather Cast


Pauline Quirke Sharon Theodopolopodous
Linda Robson Tracey Stubbs
Lesley Joseph Dorien Green
Alun Lewis Daryl Stubbs
Douglas McFerran
David Cardy Chris Theodopolopodous
Peter Polycarpou
Simon Nash Garth Stubbs
Matthew Savage
Matt Willis
Samuel James
Nickolas Grace Marcus Green
Stephen Greif
Stephen Marcus Dave
Vivian Pickles Aunt Sylvie
Jan Goodman Melanie Fishman
Bernard Holley Richard
Charlie Quirke Travis Stubbs
Camilla Beeput Marcie

Main Birds Of A Feathercast

Pauline Quirke

Pauline Perpetua Sheen MBE was an English actress who played Sharon Theodopolopodous from 1989 to 1998, and again in 2014 to 2017. This performance earned her the Best British Comedy Award for Best Newcomer in 1990.

Lesley Joseph

Lesley Diana Joseph was a household name in the United Kingdom thanks to her role as Dorien Green on the TV sitcom Birds of a Feather. She played this role from 1989 to 1998 and again between 2014 and 2020. Two other credits include Night and Day and Absurd Person Singular.

Alun Lewis

Alun Lewis Bennett, a British former actor, best known for his roles in ITV’s Emmerdale as postmaster Vic Windsor, and Darryl Stubbs in BBC1 sitcom Birds of a Feather from 1989 to 1994 was one of the best performers in the sitcome Birds Of A Feather  

Birds of a Feather Cast Ages


Linda Robson 72 
Lesley Joseph 76
Douglas McFerran 63
David Cardy N/A
Simon Nash 49
Nickolas Grace 74
Stephen Marcus 60
Vivian Pickles 90
Jan Goodman N/A
Bernard Holley 81
Charlie Quirke 27
Camilla Beeput 40

Birds Of A Feather Actress

Linda Robson

A English actress and television presenter Linda Robson. Linda Patricia Mary Robson, was born on March 13, 1958. She is an actress from England. She is best known for her role in Birds of a Feather’s sitcom Tracey Stubbs and her weekly panel appearances on ITV’s Loose women. Robson was a young actor who appeared in many films while she was a founding member at Anna Scher’s Theatre School.

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