Binarly Raises $3.6 Million in Seed Funding

BinarlyThe Seed funding for, a cybersecurity company based in Los Angeles, CA, has raised $3.6M.

The round was led by WestWave Capital and Acrobator Ventures, with participation cybersecurity leaders Michael Sutton, Thomas ‘Halvar Flake’ Dullien, Jamie Butler, Ryan Permeh, Bryson Bort, Pedram Amini, Chris Ueland and David Mandel from Emerging Ventures.

The company plans to use these funds to accelerate research and development, increase its engineering staff, and scale up the adoption of its technologies by enterprise and device manufacturers.

Co-founded by security pioneers Alex Matrosov and Claudiu Teodorescu, who previously worked on hardware and software security at NVIDIA, Intel Corp., ESET, BlackBerry, Cylance and FireEye,

Binarly has created a SaaS platform to analyze, understand, and respond to security threats at the firmware level that are currently invisible. The company uses machine learning and deep code inspection at binary level to give security teams real visibility into hardware and firmware failures. It also provides a simple way for security teams to recover from sophisticated attacks beneath the operating system.

Binarly has also developed its own technology to protect the firmware supply chain and manage vulnerabilities. The company’s approach uses semantic properties of the binary code to improve detection accuracy by limiting the number of false positives.

To mitigate high-impact security issues across all aspects of the computing landscape, the company collaborated with security teams from Insyde and AMI, Lenovo, Dell HP, HPE Siemens, Fujitsu and Atos as well as other vendors such as Intel, AMD, Fujitsu, Atos and Intel.



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