Bigg Boss 16 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Nomination day

Bigg Boss 16 twenty second November 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog

Day 52
8 AM
Everybody wakes up and sings the anthem. Tina says to Shiv to invite Archana to wash the washroom. All rooms are very grimy. Archana says she took her bedrooms. We’re all celebrities right here. She’s most effective hygienic and we’re now not? See what I do after breakfast.

10 AM
Archana says room no. 4 is filthy. Tona says I will’t stay cleansing. Don’t display me this drama. Archana says Sumbul does essentially the most paintings. Tina says nobody cleaans. I will’t blank the entire space. Archana says now you’re now not hygienic? Issues are rotten there. Tina says I’m essentially the most hygienic right here. I stay the whole lot blank. Once I shifted, I wiped clean the entire closet. Ask everybody. Sajid says Archana why are you concentrated on her? Archana says I’m doing what is true. She laughs outdoor. Tina says she stated Sumbul does the whole lot. Other folks must additionally get up. Archana, Priyanka, and Soundarya giggle outdoor. Shalin says she’s doing it deliberately. She says you get silent in entrance of her. SUmbul by no means wiped clean the room. Nobody stated the rest. Sumbul says let or not it’s. Shalin says to Sumbul, Tina you and I are the most powerful bond right here. Tina says the entire room is grimy. None of you wiped clean. Nobody speaks. Sumbul says we aren’t the most powerful bond. Tina and I don’t have a powerful bond. I don’t accept as true with you an excessive amount of both. He says k then let or not it’s. Shalin says you need to stand along with your other folks. Sumbul says I most effective were given insulted by means of your bond. He says your mentality is the issue. Sumbul says I stood with you and most effective were given allegations from Tina. I do know the place to face with other folks. I received’t stand with individuals who don’t stand with me.

Archana says they used to make Sumbul paintings. Priyanka says she does their paintings. SImbul says you each patched up and were given great however nobody cared how I felt. I used to be crying when you each had been giggling. Nobody cared, I received’t cry for someone now. Shalin says I’m speaking about you as a chum. She says I’ve observed your friendship. All of it backfired on me. I used to be your good friend and I were given insulted. Shalin says she used to be speaking about all folks cleansing the room. Why didn’t you are saying the rest when Archana used to be concentrated on her? Sumbul says Tina may just care for it on her personal. Shalin leaves. Archana says I’m so glad. Priyanka laughs. Shalin says she doesn’t know the way to face with other folks. Tina says I used to be looking to heal her.

Tina says if she doesn’t believe me her good friend I will be able to goal her now. Nimrit says she’s now not mature such as you. Sajid says she’s 19. Tina says so. Nobody pressured her to come back right here. She lies about her boyfriend She advised Shalin that I lied to everybody however I’m unmarried. I do know what recreation she performs. I’m a lady, I know the way it really works. Sumbul says to Archana why did you deliver me? Archana says I used to be simply pronouncing you’re employed. Sumbul says you took my aspect. Archana says you stay operating for them. You’re a famous person. You’re now not right here to paintings for them.

12 PM
Abdu tries to wreck the lock of the chocolate bar. He says it’s now not breaking. Abdu takes a bathtub. Bigg Boss asks him to put on his mic. He roams round in a towel. Everybody laughs. Shalin says Abdu you glance so good lately. Abdu alternatives up the lamp and says I will be able to smash this. I used to be chocolate. Shiv and Stan giggle. He hugs Shiv and tries to seek out the important thing.

3:30 PM
Tina says to Shalin Sumbul is watching us. She seems like I stole you from right here. Shalin says the place am I caught? Tina says I don’t need it. She laughs. Shalin says you don’t love me. She says neither do you. It’s not that i am a scapegoat that will help you out of this example. Shalin says must I glance again? Tina says no, she’s taking a look right here. He says I will love whoever I need. Tina says since when do you’re keen on? Don’t use me as a scapegoat. He says what number of scenarios are there? She says be a women’ guy.

4 PM
Shalin says to save lots of you I.. Tina says I’ve my very own character. I don’t want someone to save lots of you. Stopp says this each day. It’s not that i am right here for you. He says Soundarya let or not it’s She says what? My title is Tina. He says you’re repeating issues l; like her. Tina says evaluating me with that woman. Cross from right here. She leaves. Ankit asks Archana if will she contest the elections. She says MP if didi needs. Archana says didi took a possibility with me. Bigg Boss warns her that she doesn’t love it when any individual else makes use of her title. Archana says sorry.

4:15 PM
Bigg Boss says there’s a killer in the home who kills other folks in go back for issues. The general public will likely be killed by means of him. Killers will likely be Shiv, Nimrit, and Tina will likely be killers one at a time. Two other folks will cross and persuade the killer to kill the opposite individual. While you ask the killer to kill a contestant you need to give the killer one time. The killer will kill one and get them nominated. The killer will give all of the nominated individual’s issues to Bigg Boss by means of throwing them within the bin. Shiv is the primary killer and Archana and Priyanka will cross first.

4:30 PM
Shiv sits within the place of job. Abdu asks Shiv who will you kill? Sajid says he’s going to kill Priyanka. Archana says to Shiv you’ll kill me? You favor me? Take her protein powder. Priyanka says to take all her multivitamins. Archana says I’m your minister and her voice is horrible. Priyanka says she messes up with other folks. Archana says she most effective shouts. I additionally make other folks giggle. Buzzer blares. They cross to the job space. Shiv says I wanna kill Archana. She doesn’t perceive someone and doesn’t let someone paintings. He shoots Archana. Priyanka says to faux to die. Bigg Boss says Archana you’re nominated. He throws her stuff within the bin. Priyanka thank you him.

5 PM
Sajid asks you made her minister? Priyanka is bad. She will get scared when she’s nominated. Shiv says I sought after to be truthful. Shiv says to Archana you requested me to be truthful. Tina is the following killer. Sajid and Ankit will cross to her. Priyanka says that is understood. Bigg Boss asks Shalin and Nimrit to do ups and downs for talking in English. Everybody laughs. Sajid says to Tina we now have heard so much about you. Ankit says I heard you don’t kill lovely other folks. Tina says what’s the object? Ankit says Sajid’s towel. Sajid says his toothbrush. Tina says to get just right issues first. Sajid says kill him, please. Ankit says he will get offended at all times. Sajid says he most effective sits. Bigg Boss asks Sajid and Ankit to deliver higher issues. Sumbul says I’ve carried out all paintings for Sajid most effective.

Sajid and Ankit come again to Tina. Sajid says I were given his sunscreen. Ankit says I were given you Sajid himself. Tina says it’s Bigg Boss sunscreen. Ankit says I’m this kind of great individual. Buzzer blares. Tina says I’m going to kill Ankit. He sleeps all day. Sajid is an lively a part of the making plans. He used to be a very reasonable captain. Ankit says hoot me at the middle. Tina says Priyanka will do this. Sajid says such a lot of women are widowed. He cries. Bigg Boss says Ankit you’re nominated. All of them cross out. Archana laughs at him.

6 PM
Nimrit is the following killer and Shalin and Sumbul will cross in. Abdu is available in. Tina says Shalin gave her that jacket. Shalin says I hate this woman, she’s tense. Sumbul says he doesn’t use his thoughts. She provides her Shalin’s brush. Nimrit says to recover issues. Abdu and Tina tease Nimrit. Shalin provides her sandals and Sumbul provides her his t-shirt. Shalin says she doesn’t know what to do. Other folks play her and she or he doesn’t know. Sumbul says I didn’t really feel just right with some other folks. He helps to keep converting aspects. Buzzer blares.

6:15 PM
Soundarya says to Sajid please ask Shiv to not nominate him. Sajid says he does what he needs. I will be able to nonetheless communicate to him. Sajid tells Shiv. Nimrit says I don’t believe Shalin so much. I will’t relate to him. However a minimum of he’s very lively so I will be able to shoot Sumbul. She shoots her. Sumbul cries.

6:30 PM
Shalin says Nimrit when did we battle? She says we disagree. Shiv says she didn’t shoot you bro nonetheless you’re making some degree. Sumbul sits by myself. Shiv is the following killer. Abdu and Soundarya will come to him. Shiv says give me cash. Abdu says, my love. Soundarya says I wish to come up with lifestyles. Abdu provides Soundarya socks. He says I don’t need them. they giggle. Abdu brings her slippers. Abdu says she’s crying, she needs to visit her love Gautam. She’s unhappy. Soundarya says It’s not that i am unhappy, I’m glad. Shalin says to Nimrit I believe you my good friend. Nimrit says you lose your cool so much. Soundarya says Abdu’s character will get overshadowed by means of you and Sajid. Language is a barrier for him. Abdu says I discuss in English. You get punished for talking in English at all times. Abdu says she’s loopy. Abdu says glance who’s speaking about language. They cross to the job space.

Nimrit says I didn’t prevent for any expectation. Out of the 2 of you, you’re a lot better as a participant. Shiv says he’s going to shoot Soundarya. Abdu has been very occupied with the home. Soundarya says I’ve been very concerned as neatly. Shiv says Abdu’s explanation why is legitimate. She misses Gautam. She stands in the back of Priyanka and Archana. She doesn’t have her issues. Soundarya says the ones are Nimrit’s characteristics. Shiv says I wish to shoot Soundarya. He shoots her. Bigg Boss says Soundarya you’re nominated. Archana, Ankit, Soundarya, SUmbul, and Stan are nominated.

7:15 PM
Shalin and Tina organize a date. He hugs her. Tina makes him consume. Shalin says can I communicate to Sumbubl someday? She says I by no means stopped you. Bigg Boss asks is halwa just right? Shalin says we simply began the date. Bigg Boss says the range remains to be open. Tina says I’m very sorry. Archana says she will set any space on fireplace. She says I didn’t do that for cameras. Shalin says you stay taunting me. I’m drained. Tina says I’m additionally bored with being in comparison to Soundarya. Stay it to your self for those who’re drained. Shalin leaves in anger. Tina says now Sumbul is leaving so he wishes a 2nd individual in Soundarya.

8 PM
Shalin says to Sumbul I used to be attempting to provide an explanation for issues to you in your higher. She says you’re shouting for Tina. Shalin says I shout at her too. I be apologetic about it.

8:30 PM
Abdu says I need chocolate. Soundaarya says to Shiv get dinner made. Shiv says discuss well. Soundarya says I’m talking well. Abdu says neatly carried out Soundarya from London. She says I’m from LA.

8:45 PM
Soundarya says Abdu had no explanation why. Bigg Boss asks Archana to get up. Bigg Boss says Archana stands within the dwelling space. Bigg Boss says it appears Archana is lacking her birthday party so much lately. She has been speaking about issues from outdoor at all times. She’s going to cross to everybody and inform them I don’t perceive the rest Bigg Boss says. Archana is going round and tells Ankit I don’t perceive what Bigg Boss says. Forgive me. I will be able to now not speak about outdoor paintings. Ankit says I don’t forgive me. She asks Priyanka for forgiveness. Bigg Boss says you didn’t even listen what observation I stated. He repeats it. Abdu says please I need chocolate. Stan says we received’t get groceries. Ankit says sorry to Sajid. Sajid says I forgive you.

9:15 PM
Bigg Boss says hope you’ve got discovered your lesson Archana. Your punishment is over. Shalin says to Tina I’ve emotions for you. I by no means cross after someone like this. She says I don’t wish to smash your middle. He says this friendship is treasured to me. I don’t need us to possibility it for issues on this space. Tina says k. She will get teary. She hugs Shalin.

Archana fights with Shiv. Shiv says blank the dustbin first. He says don’t inform me what to do. Blank the containers. Abdu says you didn’t blank my toilet both. Archana says there’s such a lot grime of their room. Archana says don’t threaten me. Shiv says you know the way will I spoil your day. Don’t mess with me. Archana says he can’t blank his room. Shiv says she’s crying as a result of she’s nominated. Archana says don’t act good with me. Sajid says she messes with each captain. Shiv says she makes use of such unhealthy phrases.

11:30 PM
Abdu jumps at the settee. Everybody laughs. Abdu says to Sajid now you chunk Shiv. That’s your dare. Sajid runs after him. Abdu runs.

12 PM
Archana does the dishes. Soundarya says it’s stinking. All corriander is stinking? Archana says this doesn’t hassle Tina it appears. Display her this. Soundarya says to make her scent it. Archana takes the rotten corriander to her. Tina says we’re sound asleep and feature some disgrace. I didn’t stay it there. Get out of my room. Nimrit says Archana get out. Archana leaves the trash there. Tina says I will be able to throw it on her mattress. She throws it in her room. Nimrit says are you loopy? Who leaves trash within the room? Archana says to inform you the place to stay it. Shiv says it’s overdue at evening. Nimrit says I used to be sound asleep. Archana says it’s all rotten as a result of her. Shiv says is that this the time? Tina says she doesn’t pay attention. She’s so silly. I will be able to throw it in her bag. Soundarya says you stored it right here. Tina says all of us paintings within the kitchen. Archana says I will be able to stay it. Nimi says you’re insane. Soundarya says they ask her to get out too. Tina says we had been sound asleep. It’s our room. Nimrit says prevent your drama Archana. Nimrit says we needed to depart. Prevent scary it. Tina says she threw a rubbish bag in our room. We will be able to do the similar. Tina says prevent protecting her Soundarya. Shiv says Priyanka is there to get photos now and soundarya is doing the similar now. Shalin says it’s Archana’s final drama. Soundarya says see their toilet it’s so grimy. Tina says she has no manners. She touched the rubbish bag on my face. Archana says I left it there for them to sniff.

Episode ends

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