Bigg Boss 16 16th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 16 sixteenth November 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog

Day 46
8 AM
Everybody wakes up and sings the anthem.
Sajid asks Nimrit who chefs. I will be able to assign everybody new paintings. Nimrit says you’ll be able to’t write right here. Sajid says I’m converting the tasks with a lottery machine. He asks Soundarya, Tina, and Archan to cook dinner. Tina will get breakfast. Priyanka says that is honest. Soundarya will get lunch. He asks the remaining. They pick out their chits. Priyanka says I were given rest room and kitchen cleansing. Sajid says I believe so hungry. Bigg Boss says ar you fainting? I’m additionally fainting about the best way this home is operating. You turned into the king. Do you make a decision with chits at the movie set too? Other people get their tasks accidentally? He says I used to be seeking to do a laugh and video games. Bigg Boss says I will’t go away my space on probability. Learn the guideline e book. You’ll’t use a pen and paper. He says sorry, it’s my fault. Bigg Boss says I discard the tasks. Sajid received’t get the punishment. So his spouse in crime gets punished. She’s going to shift to room 6 and now he has to assign tasks. Sajid says the day gone by’s tasks will proceed the similar approach. Priyanka says there don’t seem to be sufficient groceries. I don’t make fewer rotis. Sajid says yous shift with Shalin and Tina in room 3.

Archana says what sort of King is he? He can’t rule. Sajid says to Sumbul you’re my favourite within the middle. Tina says you’re secure from nominations. Sajid says please sned my cigarettes. Archana says you needed to rule like a king Sajid. Shiv says thoughts your language. King will throw you from the cliff.

3 PM
Archana says kitchen cleansing isn’t so much. Priyanka says she has an issue with different duties. Sajid says she is going to blank the lawn then. Archana says she doesn’t do the rest herself.

3:15 PM
Sajid says to Archana don’t inform me do my paintings. Archana says I sought after you to switch the tasks. She says I received’t blank now. He says you don’t seem to be a princess right here. Archana says I received’t. I’ve taken bathe. Sajid says you must. Archana says I’m really not right here to do exertions. That is your own paintings. Sajid says don’t inform me do my paintings. He says out of the kitchen. He says Soundarya lunch is on you. I don’t need this woman within the kitchen. Tina says I will be able to do breakfast and dinner. Don’t concern. He says thank you. Archana says you’ve to inform me previously. I received’t do all this after showering. Soundarya says the captain can come to a decision when he desires. Everyone seems to be doing this after showering. She says I’m other. Soundarya says you don’t seem to be.

Sajid says you are going to blank the toilet and all boxes two times an afternoon. Archana says I received’t blank kitchens. He says ok then do lawn. Don’t input the kitchen. Priyanka says she’s loopy. Archana says I’m really not consuming in loose budget like those. Archana says I will be able to blank from day after today. I will be able to do my previous accountability nowadays. Tina says we have now all showered too. Priyanka says precisely. Are we idiots? Priyanka says do what Sajid is pronouncing. Tina says we have now all showered. We received’t do our tasks then. Sajid says then don’t do it. Don’t come to a decision for me. Give me a minute. Tina says she’s chatting with herself. Priyanka says she’s mad. Sajid says you are going to pass to prison Archana. Keep there. You needed to blank the lawn. She says to offer me the day gone by’s accountability for nowadays. He says don’t inform me what to do. She says I received’t. He says I will nominate you. Shiv says let me maintain her.

4:15 PM
Shiv throws all of Archana’s stuff out of her room. Priyanka says there’s extra. He says I received’t let her sit down in peace. Archana says Shiv is all the time on cloud.

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