Bible Highlighting Guide

This Bible Highlighting Guide The guide provides guidance on how to use Bible highlighters in order to dig deeper into Scriptures. The book is full of great ideas on how to highlight your Bible to help create the perfect system.

This book is designed to help you study Scripture and maximize your Bible reading time. You will also learn how to use a variety highlight techniques.

The Bible Highlighting Book Guide: Benefits

Bible highlighters have become very well-known recently, particularly because of the advent of Bible Journals and pen pens specifically designed for use in Bibles.

The Color Code for Your Bible To Code Your System

The Color Code for Your Bible to Code Your System

Step 1: Select your Categories

The first thing you need to do is determine which topics or categories you wish to draw attention. Grab an eraser or a piece paper and start brainstorming. Here are some suggestions to help you think about:

  • God, Holy Spirit
  • Jesus (including symbolic and prophetic prophecies throughout Jesus (including Old Testament prophecies)
  • Worship, Prayer and Praise
  • My identity is Christ.
  • Numbers, names and places.
  • Warnings, sin, wickedness and even judgment

It is also important that you consider the themes that are most important to you, such a mothers, money, or marriage.

I also take note of certain words or phrases within the section in the Scripture that I’m studying. This technique helps me gain a deeper understanding the Bible.

  • This passage’s primary point is
  • Key words
  • Repeated Words
  • Ideas or words that are contradictory
  • Words that Link (for, however and so that also so that, etc.

Step 2: Choose Your Colors, Marking Systems, and Colors

Now it is time to decide on the marking system that you will use. What color will be used for each topic? Are you going to highlight, underline or draw circles around the phrases?

You’ve to decide whether to highlighters for the subject matter or to employ a pen to highlight or circle the words.

Step 3: Collect your Materials

Gather your resources and you are ready to go! There are many highlighters and pens that can be used on Bible paper without bleeding through. 

For example, you can pick up the Peter Pauper Highlighters to the Bible and the Mr. Pen Fineliners

Step 4: Create an Entry with a Key

After you’ve finished the Bible Highlighting System you will require an important key to keep in mind! Make an entry with a key number that you can personalize. Print them and keep them in your Bible.

Step 5: Read Your Bible

Now is the right time to get your Bible Highlighting System in use!

Before you start playing using the pens, it’s best to read through the entire passage and absorb the meaning. You can then begin to color code and mark various themes. You might want to draw a line around the entire section of prayer.

When you go through the story again, think about questions such as “Who’s the main character in this tale? What does the story tell us about God What does it have to say about my life? These kinds of questions help me identify what I’d like to draw attention to.

Look for repetitions of words, different themes (such as actions that occur without Christ and with Christ), or words that connect. 

You should now be aware what the primary point is that the author wants to make. Take a note of the main point and then read through the passage keeping your newfound knowledge in view. You might see different themes and patterns.

By following this method, you’ll go deeper into the Scriptures and perhaps discover an undiscovered treasure that you never noticed before!

I pray that the Bible Highlighting System will increase your enjoyment of reading the Bible as well as your understanding of Scriptures and your appreciation for God.

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