Bharathi kannamma 10th November 2022 Written Update: Hema’s firm decision

The story begins with Kannamma explaining to Hema that Soundary begs her to not remove Hema out of their home. She convinced herself of her happiness. She believed that Hema will be able to give her dad and grandparents the love they deserve here. This is the reason she decided to leave her home. When she says that she was an orphan, she cannot accept the idea. She promises her they are her daughters.

Hema is asking Soundarya what she’s saying? Soundarya informs the girl that Kannamma is correct. They have lied to her for many years. She is Kannamma’s daughter. They shouldn’t have been able to lie to her in that way. Everyone tells Hema the fact that they are the daughter of Kannamma. Anjali claims to her that they’ve lied to her. They both Hema along with Lakshmi were twins. She could accept that. Hema hugs Kannamma emotional. Bharathi gets hurt when she sees the two of them together.

Hema refers to Kannamma by the name Samayal Amma. She informs her that she shouldn’t use the term Samayal Amma any more. She calls her Amma emotionally. Kannamma is emotional when she hears it. Hema declares that she’s not an orphaned any more. She asks her to hold her and kiss her. Kannamma is able to hug her in a loving way and kisses her. Family members are happy to witness their bond, but Bharathi is wounded.

Kannamma tells Hema that she’s no orphan. She should not cause trouble in this place. She advised her to remain here. Hema refused, arguing that she learned about her mother. She would like to stay with her mom. Soundary has taken her away to the orphanage. She is looking forward to staying with her mother and Lakshmi at home. She has always wanted an aunty like Kannamma. She’s determined to get with Kannamma.
Kannamma tells Hema that she’s capable of understanding her emotions. However, Bharathi as well as his entire family love her very much. Hema claims that she doesn’t going to deny that. She wants to be with her mother.

Kannamma is asking her to be understanding of the situation. Hema is asking Soundarya to stop her? Aren’t both her sons reside with her? What is it like to have her son lives far away from her? Soundary claims that she is telling the truth. Venu tells Soundary that Hema isn’t doing anything wrong there. She often cried for her mother. They did not show the proper care to her. They kept mom and daughter apart for a long time. This is enough. Venu demands Kannamma to get Hema to the airport.

She could be able to stay with her. Akhil says that he advised that they reveal their truths to Hema. They didn’t believe him. This is the reason she’s in this situation. They have separated Hema from her mother for Bharathi’s joy. They should not harm Hema to be with him any more. Anjali requests her to feel mother’s affection. Kannamma affirms to her that she’s capable of understanding her dilemma. However, she is thinking about Bharathi as well. Hema asks Bharathi to take excellent care of her. He considered her to be the daughter of his. She can’t deny that he was kind to her. She is determined to be with her mother. Do not misunderstand her. She will forget him.

She often visits his house to visit them. She isn’t a fan of him lying to her. Bharathi says that her family members have not been talking to him. But her insecurities hurt him more than the fact that. It’s tough for him to go on without her. He is dependent on her. Hema promises him that she’ll be with him every time she misses him. Hema demands Kannamma to get out of there. Kannamma removes her from the place. Bharathi tears up emotionally after watching the scene. Soundarya asks Kannamma to bring Hema frequently here. She kisses Hema and then kisses to her. Hema and Bharathi look at each other in a sad way. Kannamma departs from the place with her children with her.

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