Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti’s Life Changes.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai twenty third November 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog

Tiwari calls Angoori to get some meals for him. Angoori brings some meals for Tiwari. Tiwari tells Angoori that he likes yam such a lot that he used to scouse borrow it from the fields to get it cooked, and likewise everybody used to calm him yam stealer. A stranger is available in and tells Tiwari that he’s right here to warn him that he would possibly get raided through source of revenue tax officials. Angoori says that Tiwari doesn’t scouse borrow anything else. The peon from source of revenue tax officials tells her that Tiwari didn’t paid tax. Tiwari will get scared.

Vibhu, David, Teeka and Tillu are cleansing the utensils and the stall. Teeka tells Tillu that it’s used to be a difficult operating day. Tillu concurs with him and tells Teeka that he thinks that everybody used to be ready Mishra Chaat Bhandar to open on account of the way in which everybody used to be queued all day. Teeka says that he concept they couldn’t even deal with them. David tells them he has been doing this since ages, and is aware of methods to deal with the entirety. David asks Vibhu that how they made lately? Vibhu tells David that he’ll be shocked to understand the volume. David asks Vibhu concerning the quantity. Vibhu says, 25k. Teeka and Tillu will get stunned and asks Vibhu about their reduce. David tells Vibhu to offer them 100rs and allow them to move. Vibhu will get up and palms them 100rs and leaves.

Any individual is ringing Tiwari’s doorbell. Tiwari is going to test and sees two males status at his major door and certainly one of them is getting stunned through the bell. They is available in and asks Tiwari, why don’t he get the door bell mounted? Tiwari asks them that who’re they? Considered one of them replies that he’s from source of revenue tax division. Tiwari will get scared and wakes up as a result of he used to be dreaming all this. Angoori will get scared too and asks Tiwari, what came about? Tiwari is bewildered and tells Angoori that he dreamed that they have been getting raided through source of revenue tax officials. Angoori tells Tiwari to relax because it used to be most effective dream and tells him to return to sleep.

Anu is speaking to her buddy on name and her buddy hangs up the decision. Vibhu is available in and tells Anu that everyone will get jealous when to get a hit. Anu additionally concurs with him. Anu asks Vibhu concerning the cash he made lately. Vibhu takes out the band of notes and tells Anu that he made 25000 at the first day. Anu will get stunned and takes the cash from Vibhu. Vibhu tells Anu that it used to be most effective day one, quickly they’re going to make extra and in the future they’re going to be some of the richest households of India. Angoori will get very excited and ignores Vibhu and says that she is going to put the cash within the locker. Vibhu says that Anu could be very grasping and most effective care about cash.

Teeka and Tillu are dressed up in fits and Rusa is sitting with them. Rusa asks them about their wage. Tillu tells Rusa that he makes 25000rs per month. Rusa asks in the event that they each make 25000rs mixed? Teeka tells her that he additionally makes 25000rs. Rusa asks if she will have to ask commissioner? Tillu says, there aren’t any vacancies left in Mishra Chaat Bhandar. Rusa says that she used to be speaking about their marriage ceremony. Teeka and Tillu have been dreaming, and in truth are sitting with Pelu and kissing his palms. Tillu asks Teeka that the place is Rusa? Teeka will get scared and will get disenchanted that he used to be dreaming.

David, Teeka and Tillu are napping. Vibhu comes downstairs and tells them to rise up. Everyone will get up. Vibhu tells them that they have got to visit marketplace to shop for recent greens. Vibhu kicks Tillu and offers him a notepad to put in writing down the identify of greens. David tells him the identify of the entire greens. Tillu falls asleep once more. Vibhu throws a pillow at him and tells him to put in writing down the entire greens. Teeka says that they’re drained on account of previous day. Vibhu tells Teeka that he has to return with him to shop for the entire greens, and tells Tillu to head with David to open their eating place.

Everybody is operating on the stall. Angoori presentations up and sits at a desk. Vibhu stops his paintings and is going to take a seat along with her. Angoori says that she sought after to look how his trade is doing. Vibhu tells Angoori that now she has to devour one thing ahead of leaves. Angoori denies and tells Vibhu that she doesn’t devour anything else outdoor her area. Vibhu swears on Tiwari’s identify and tells Teeka to get one thing for her. Teeka brings Kachori for Angoori. Rusa presentations up and tells Vibhu to pack 12 samosas for her. Tillu comes upto her and tells her that he’ll get it in a position in couple of minutes. Tillu tells Vibhu not to take cash from Rusa, however as a substitute reduce it from their salaries. Teeka additionally concurs with Tillu. David says that their 2 days wage will probably be deducted. Tillu tells Rusa that he’ll ship the meals at her house. Rusa thank you him and leaves.

Anu is able to move someplace. Tiwari sees her and will get mesmerised. Tiwari is going up her and greets her. Anu rudely greets him again. Tiwari asks Anu that how is she doing? Anu tells Tiwari is she’s richer and higher them him. Tiwari will get disenchanted. Anu tells Tiwari to go away and prevent losing her time. Tiwari begins crying and leaves. Angoori presentations up and greets Anu. Anu greets her again. Angoori asks Anu that why is she taking a look to pissed off? Anu tells her that anyone is coming to upto her to harass her. Angoori asks Anu that the place is she going? Anu tells Angoori that she’s going for buying groceries as a result of she used to be becoming bored. Angoori tells Anu that she do the entire family paintings when she will get bored. Anu tells Angoori that she may be on the lookout for some servants for her area. Anu flaunts her cash through telling Angoori that Vibhu made 25000 rupees in in the future. Anu will get a rickshaw and leaves. Angoori says that she thinks that Anu is performing very another way.

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