Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Anita gets an Investor for her Business.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai twenty first November 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog

David tells Anu that he thinks that his belongings in London, now value 40 crore as a substitute of 20 crore. Vibhu is available in and says that it’s a win. David tells him that if he received’t interrupts him for few years, his belongings’s worth can be round 50 crore. Anu tells David to forestall imagining these items and likewise tells Vibhu that she has a consumer who could also be an investor, and is now thinking about making an investment in her industry. Vibhu asks Anu, what’s the drawback in that? Anu tells him that he’ll be coming this night for dinner, and tells him to make scrumptious dishes so he consents for the funding. Vibhu laughs and asks David if there are individuals who consents to put money into a industry simply be having scrumptious meals? David says, sure there are few idiots. Anu tells David that he’s no longer fool, he loves scrumptious dishes. Anu takes out the record of meals merchandise she needs Vibhu to arrange. Anu names numerous meals pieces and Vibhu is simply being attentive to her. Vibhu says that he’s no longer a system, he cannot make this a lot meals on my own. Anu tells Vibhu that he’s on my own, David can simplest assist him. David will get wired.

Angoori and Tiwari are sitting in combination of their area. Tiwari is speaking on a choice. Angoori presentations Tiwari a brand new saree of her. Tiwari asks Angoori if she purchased a saree? Angoori says, sure, and tells him that it’s simplest value 15000. Tiwari will get surprised and shouts at Angoori. Angoori tells him that this sarees is a masterpiece. Tiwari tells Angoori that they may be able to get raided by means of source of revenue tax officials anytime. Angoori asks Tiwari if he doesn’t pay source of revenue tax? Tiwari says, no. Angoori will get offended tells Tiwari that he’s stealing cash, and at all times pay it. Tiwari asks Angoori why is she speaking so unnecessarily? Angoori asks Tiwari in the event that they cant even utilise their cash in their very own means? Tiwari will get wired and Angoori is going inside of to take a look at her new saree and tells Tiwari that she can even purchase some jewelry subsequent.

Vibhu and David are getting ready dinner. Vibhu orders David to chop greens. David says that he’s no longer a helper, he’ll make the meals. Vibhu tells David that if he’ll make the meals, the investor received’t consume the rest. David tells Vibhu that he hasn’t ever noticed his inside chef abilities. Vibhu tells David to arrange it to check his abilities. Angoori presentations up in her kitchen. David tells Vibhu to let him make the meals and communicate to Angoori for a while. Vibhu pushes David again and tells him to make puri. Angoori asks Vibhu, if she’s taking a look just right in her new saree? Vibhu begins appreciating Angoori’s good looks. David tells Vibhu to focal point extra at the meals, or Anu will kill him. Angoori greets David. David additionally greets her again. Angoori asks Vibhu if there are any visitors coming over? Vibhu says, sure and likewise invitations Angoori to the dinner. David additionally consents with him. Angoori says that she is going to certainly include Tiwari. Teeka and Tillu asks Angoori that the place is she going? Angoori tells them that Vibhu is inviting her for dinner and leaves. Teeka and Tillu asks Vibhu if they may be able to additionally come to the dinner? Vibhu tells them to go away or else he’ll destroy their face. David additionally tells them to seek out some paintings. Teeka and Tillu asks Vibhu and David if they may be able to get some activity for them.

Anu comes again from marketplace. Tiwari presentations up and asks Anu, what’s she buying groceries? Anu tells Tiwari that there are some visitors coming over that’s why. Tiwari says that he’ll certainly arrive. Anu tells Tiwari that it’s a qualified dinner, no longer get in combination. Tiwari says he can entertain on the time of dinner. Anu once more tells him that he’s no longer coming and leaves.

Vibhu and David are sitting in combination. Vibhu asks David if each dish is fine? David says, sure. Anu is available in and asks Vibhu if each dish is scrumptious? Vibhu tells Anu that she additionally tasted it. Anu says that she’s very anxious. David says that no governor is coming to their area. Anu says that this deal is essential for her. Vibhu and David says the whole lot is alright and tells her not to be concerned. The investor arrives and Anu welcomes him. He greets everybody that his identify is Investor Shukla. They’re speaking to one another. Tiwari and Angoori additionally arrives. Anu will get surprised. Tiwari and Anu sits with everybody. Anu tells Tiwari that she’s shocked to him, although she advised him to not. Tiwari tells Anu that Angoori invited him, and Angoori says that Vibhu invited her. Anu will get offended in Vibhu and says that he must have shared together with her. Vibhu says that he didn’t were given time for that. Anu introduces Investor to Tiwari and Angoori. Tiwari greets him and begins speaking with him in smartly spoken english. Everyone will get surprised. Anu tells Vibhu that she needs to Shukla in regards to the industry and tells him heat the meals. Vibhu is going to the kitchen and Angoori additionally is going with him to assist him.

Angoori asks Vibhu if he made the entire dishes? David is available in and tells her that he made the entire meals and Vibhu assisted him. Anu asks Vibhu if the meals is able? Vibhu says that it’s able.

Shukla is having the dinner and unearths it very scrumptious. So he tells Anu that he needs to speculate his cash within the her industry. Anu thank you him and tells him that she needs to modify so much in her industry by means of introducing nee schools. Tiwari interrupts and tells Shukla that he additionally made adjustments in his industry. Anu unearths it very infuriating.

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