12 Best Films Of 2022, So Far

12 Best Films Of 2022, So Far

From The Batman to Everything Everywhere All At Once, here are the best movies 2022 has offered so far.

 Two years in, the pandemic’s effect still lingers but moviegoers are now returning to theatres en masse bringing back with them blockbuster releases. Matt Reeves’ The Batman (2022) and Tom Cruise’s throwback sequel to Top Gun Already a worldwide blockbuster, The theatre experience can revive your passion. Kwan and Scheinert created a hugely entertaining multiverse comedy. Everything, Everywhere at Once Unexpected smash hits led to this unexpected hit. The era of OTT means that even non-conformist viewers have easy access to deep arthouse dramas, original indie productions, and other entertainment options.

Beloved movie stars like David Cronenberg and Hirokazu Koreeda, Martin Scorsese and James Cameron They are working hard to bring you their highly-anticipated films in 2018. And while we await all the surprises the rest of 2022 has in store for us, here’s an attempt to bring you the best of what it has offered thus far. Here’s our pick of the best films of 2022. Some of these films might have been released last year at festivals, but they were widely available on streaming platforms in this year’s case. We’ll update the list quarterly. It’s a good idea to bookmark it.


1. Apollo 10 ½: A Space Age Childhood

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Richard Linklater’s charming and touching exercises of nostalgia are well-known. Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood is one such distinctive Linklater movie which warmly recalls NASA’s historic launch of Apollo 11. Linklater uses rotoscope animation to craft an intriguing ‘what if’ scenario, surrounding the memorable summer of 1969 in Texas. Schoolboy Stan is recruited by NASA officials to test out a lunar module that’s feared to be too small for adults to use. Stan It is clear that Linklater appears to be the stand-in, and the filmmaker shows what it was like to grow up in the space age of American suburbia. Overall, it’s an exhilarating walk down the memory lane.


2. Everything, Everywhere at Once

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Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert and Dan Kwan are the directing duo that take multiverse madness to new heights in this heartfelt story about a Chinese immigrant at middle age. Michelle Yeoh is a master of the stage Evelyn, a Chinese American woman who owns a Laundromat along with her estranged husband. Waymond. Evelyn It is difficult for her to connect with her melancholic son. Joy (Stephanie Hsu). All hell breaks out when Evelyn He is forced to face a sinister villain who travels across multiple universes. Kwan, Scheinert explore the concept of multiverse in earnest to discuss themes such as intergenerational trauma, family, and disillusionment. Unsurprisingly, this bizarre narrative also touches upon the philosophies and Albert Camus.


3. Great Freedom

Great Freedom
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Austrian filmmaker Sebastian Miese’s Great Freedom It was established in 1968 West Germany. The focus is mainly on the slim and scruffy. Hans Hoffmann (A brilliant Franz Rogowski). Hans Paragraph 175 German law, which prohibits homosexual acts, has been used to imprison him. Hans After spending many years in Nazi concentration camp, he was sentenced to various jail terms. The law was reformed in 1969, but it wasn’t abolished until 1994. Sebastian’s transfixing character study deeply examines Germany’s post-war history and the queer life long before decriminalisation. The narrative is non-linear and allows for the gradual but thorough development of the character. It also organically incorporates the relevant themes.


4. It Happens

Happening 2022
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French filmmaker Audrey Diwan’s It Happens This is an adaptation of Annie Erwaux’s 2001 autobiographical book. The book chronicles the author’s experience of trying to have an abortion in the early 1960s when abortion was illegal. Anamaria Vortolomei plays AnneAnne is a literature student who has all the curiosities and wants of a youngster. But Anne is soon thrown into a desperate situation, where a woman’s bodily autonomy is denied by draconian laws. Audrey Diwan crafts Anne’s excruciating experiences through unforgettably intense imagery. You will feel the intimacy and tenderness with whom Anne is framed reminds us of Eliza Hittman’s abortion drama Rarely, but Often. Anamaria gives the central role of Anamaria a bold and ingenious performance.


5. Hatching

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Finnish filmmaker Hanna Bergholm’s clever coming-of-age tale under the guise of a body horror is riddled with rich themes and unsettling imagery. The story is about a lonely 12 year old gymnast. Tinja (Siiri solalinna), who lives with her overbearing mother, in the suburbs Helsinki. Tinja finds a wounded bird’s egg in the woods and takes it home. The egg hatches and becomes a dangerous and destructive monster. Although the dark humor of Hatching isn’t much nuanced, Hanna beautifully executes the complex emotional drama between Tinja She and her mother. The film’s ambitious premise culminates with a tense and wickedly entertaining finale.


6. Jhund

Jhund Moview Review
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The most mundane, ordinary details, that a lesser, incurious filmmaker would forgo, are a thing of wonder in director Nagraj Manjule’s films. This is actually where Manjule’s uniqueness and singularity as an filmmaker lies. His intuitive storytelling is Jhund powered largely by a non-professional cast of actors breaks barriers, takes risks and in the process subverts how we’ve come to define cinema over the years. We are able to enjoy the film’s influence on us in many ways. Manjule brings out the best from actors and others with a remarkable wit. You can read the Jhund review right here. (Mansi Dutta)


7. Paris, 13Th District

Paris 13th District
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French cinema has a strong tradition of stories about young love. Jacques Audiard is a languorous, yet multi-layered director. Paris, 13Th District It is about four young Parisians trying to navigate love, relationships, and sex. Audiard, Celine Sciamma and Lea Mysius collaborated to write the script. Audiard has been known for strong character studies of women in films such as My Lips Rust and Bone. Here his collaboration with Sciamma and Mysius leads to deeper exploration of women’s modern sexual identity. The film explores themes of dissatisfaction and alienation in the digital age.


8. Playground

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Schools can be a frightening microcosm of social injustice and exploitation that’s rampant in the society at large. Laura Wandel’s powerful directorial debut Playground looks at the brutality of bullying and how it haunts one’s childhood experiences. Seven-year-old Nora Zeuge the bullying of her older sibling. Abel. Nora He does try to help him. Abel He asks her to keep silent. He feels that Nora’s meddling would only increase his chances of becoming a target for persecution. The playground becomes a jungle and the siblings’ day-to-day survival amidst the uncaring school system really cuts us deep. Laura vividly portrays the fear and anxiety that school can bring. Eventually, Playground This is very relatable, as bullying is an all-too-common theme.

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9. The Batman

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Matt Reeves’ ominous and deeply satisfying interpretation of Batman It is in perfect sync with the original comic-book vision. Batman This super-hero is not the typical family-friendly one. Matt Reeves adds even more complexity to the super-rich, masked vigilante. Nolan’s magnificent realist style is taken further and it’s evident in the labyrinthine and gloomy imagery of Gotham City. Reeves turns Batman As the comic-book hero attempts uncover a criminal plot, he becomes a flawed sleuth. The dark and twisted nature of the story reminds us of David Fincher’s films. Robert Pattinson plays the title character with a passion and intensity that is almost uncanny. Batman/Wayne’s vengeance fantasies and emotional needs are deeply explored by Reeves and his co-writer Peter Craig.


10. The Northman

The Northman
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Robert Eggers is renowned for his cinematic arthouse movies set in unique places and times. For his debut feature, Eggers chose New England’s puritanical New England as the backdrop. The Witch. A dark and mysterious lighthouse sets the scene for a heated character conflict. The Lighthouse (2019). With NorthmanEggers then moves to the Viking-era, crafting a story of revenge that feels Shakespearean. Based on the legend of Amleth. It is the story of a prince on a two decade journey to seek revenge for his father’s murder. Eggers’ glorious staging and eerie visuals combined with Skarsgard’s powerful performance turns Northman into a spectacular experience.


11. Maverick is the Top Gun

Top Gun Maverick
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Joseph’s Kosinski’s highly entertaining Maverick is the Top Gun This movie is the spiritual sequel to 1986 Tony Scott. Tom Cruise returns to the role. Pete ‘Maverick’ MitchellA naval aviator who is more mature and wise than his younger counterpart. Pete The task is to lead a new team Top Guns on an unsolved mission to eliminate a powerful enemy. Cruise and Kosinski offer a classic action movie with outstandingly executed set pieces. Tom Cruise is the star of the movie, performing all his stunts with his amazing charisma. The writing is impeccable. It works because of the beautifully crafted adrenaline rush, and as an exercise for nostalgia.


12. You Won’t Be Alone

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Australian-Macedonian filmmaker Goran Stolveski’s feature-film debut is a folk horror that also works as a profound humanistic fable. The film is set in 19Th Macedonia, century. Old Maria, a shapeshifting witch, orders a mother to offer her little daughter as a sacrifice. The mother pleads with the witch for her daughter’s growth into a young lady. The result is unexpected and completely original. Noomi Rapace’s segment is the most memorable. The serene narration, glacial pace and lush landscapes are undoubtedly the highlights. Remember Terrence Malick’s filmmaking style reminds us. Besides, Stolevski’s vision is equal parts philosophical, horrifying, and beautiful.


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