10 Best Jason Momoa Movies On Netflix & HBO, Ranked According To IMDb

Jason Momoa became an A-list actor when he began his role-playing Aquaman for the DCEU. The actor also has a number of great films throughout his career. With the upcoming Slumberland and Fast X releases, it seems as if Jason Momoa’s star is only rising higher with each new project.

Though he is best known for donning the green and yellow tights as Aquaman, his career has seen him in diverse roles. Whether he was walking the Sands of Arrakis in Dune or making his voice heard in films like The Lego Movie 2, Momoa already has a wide filmography. Although his films were well-received and praised, only the most acclaimed films scored higher on IMDb.

Best Jason Momoa Movies On Netflix

Sweet Girl (2021) – 5.5

Directly from the boilerplate of a plethora of script concepts, Sweet Girl hoped to rely on the star power of Momoa to revive its tired ideas. The story follows a depressed family man who vows to seek revenge on those who killed his wife. He also focuses on guarding his daughter against harm.

A decent job of this material, Momoa remains believable and a true action hero regardless of the film’s theme. It’s a shame that the Netflix film was a bit sloppy and did not have much ambition, and wasted a solid performance by its actors by making them the same retreads from other revenge films.

The Bad Batch (2016) – 5.5

The film is about a young woman (Suki Waterhouse) exiled to a desert where she is attacked by a group of cannibals

Best Jason Momoa Movies On Youtube

Bullet To The Head (2012) – 5.7

In the time before the role of Aquaman, Momoa began to find his place in the action genre, and he was able to join forces with an iconic actor on “Bullet to the Head.” The film is about a young detective who teams up with a hitman to hunt the killer who killed them in cold blood.

Although The movie Bullet To Head Head was widely criticized in the press by some critics, Momoa excelled in the more intense character and proved he had the skills to be an action hero. Being a part of a legend such as Sylvester Stallone also helped to increase his standing. The film proves Momoa is a natural successor to Stallone’s reputation as an action-oriented stalwart.

Braven (2018) – 5.9

Action movies usually explode on the scene and draw attention; however, Bravenis one of the greatest action films that slipped under the radar when it premiered in 2018. The story is a straightforward one about two men and their father who are caught in a cat-and-mouse game with a ruthless cartel when exploring their home in the wilderness.

The snowy surroundings of the film provide the perfect setting for the simple storyline. At the same time, the performances are top-notch as Momoa performs flawlessly off of the co-star Stephen Lang. Reminiscing on the simple action films of the past, Bravenhas a full of emotion and is an engaging story that is not cluttered with of the bells and music that are typical of contemporary blockbusters.

Road To Paloma (2014) – 6.0

Critics hailed Oft as one of the best Momoa performances. His turn on screen in The Road To Palomashowed that he could show both brawn and heart in the same film. After revenge for an alleged murder in the home of his mother, the Native American man flees across the desert to avoid the wrath.

Drama swells across the high desert as Momoa is mostly left alone to shoulder the emotional burden of the story. However, Momoa never misses a chance to portray the typical action hero, and the film is able to satisfy the viewers’ desire for emotion and excitement while also delivering a sense of humor.

Best Jason Momoa Movies On HBO Max

Justice League (2017) – 6.1

Insane at best, the DC’s debut attempt to bring the Justice League to life on the big screen received only a few reactions. After their fight in the film before, Superman and Batman assemble a team of superheroes to take on a terrifying new threat.

Momoa is mostly overlooked in the film, as The roster for the group grows to a huge size. However, his time on screen acting as Aquaman was the most memorable part of the film. Additionally, He always seemed to grasp the tone Justice League was trying to achieve.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016) – 6.4

While the film brought some of the most popular Batman comic book plots in cinema, many people thought the film Batman and Superman: Dawn of Justice did not meet the mark. After witnessing the damage caused in the name of Superman, Batman tries to find a way to take down Superman. Man of Steel, once and for all.

The film was a bit blurry; Batman v Superman moved from one idea to the next without attention to structure. So, Momoa’s short performance as Aquaman was intended as an opportunity to tease subsequent films but ultimately did not work. The film wasn’t the worst blunder in DC’s plan for the future; however, it did get the whole Justice Leaguecycle beginning with a bad start.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019) – 6.6

Following the huge triumph of The Lego Movie, The sequel was a big void to fill, and it did so with moderate success. It’s not so great after a band of invaders begins to destroy the world before the bricks are able to be rebuilt.

With a large voice cast that includes a variety of actors, Momoa’s short role as a voice actor for Lego Aquaman is mostly left as a gag. However, the decision to use him in his iconic role only made the film more enthralling. The film was a major draw for comic book enthusiasts.

Aquaman (2018) – 6.8

The chance to finally anchor his own superhero film Momoa’s appearance as Aquaman is a dazzling moment for the whole DC movie universe. Arthur Curry is the half-human heir to the throne in Atlantis, and, to stop an invasion, he’s to the deserted ground.

As one of the few DC superheroes with no prior film adaptation, The Aquaman movie was allowed to create its style that would carry into the series. Momoa was his typical action-star when he played the character and gave the character a sense of authority, which was usually absent in comics.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) – 8.0

After years of being accused of it, the Justice League film was cut in the editing process. Director Zack Snyder was able to present his final version of the film, with the major sections being restored. Based on the same plot as the producer’s version, the running time was greatly extended, and the film was rated R.

Although not the greatest, even by any imagination. However, the Snyder Cut made enough adjustments to please a lot of people who were. Momoa’s appearances were not significantly affected, and the first version of the film had his appearance look great. Although Snyder Cut Snyder Cut may have changed the film, Aquaman was left mostly in the same place.

Dune (2021) – 8.0

Frank Herbert’s cult sci-fi classic was considered unsuitable for large-screen screens. However, Denis Villeneuve proved the nay-sayers to be wrong. After acquiring the desert planet of Arrakis, The wealthy Atreides family is deceived by their trusted adversaries, the Harkonnens.

The first novel in what promises to be an epic story, Dune, laid the foundation for the novel’s dramatic ending. Jason Momoa appeared as Duncan Idaho and could use his previous experience as an action film star. The film proved the viability of the Dune book series. Even after all these decades, Dunehas every element of a successful film franchise that is growing.

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