Best Anime With Badass Main Character, Get List of Top 6 Anime With Badass Main Character


Anime is a Japanese style of comic book and animation that features large doe-like eye shapes. Anime can be pronounced as AHneemay. Anime is based upon the manga comic from Japan. It was a popular form of entertainment in Japan for all ages. The anime theme is based upon supernatural and horror elements, romance and science fiction such as robots and monsters.

 Best Anime with Badass Main Character

Badass is a hallmark of anime characters. These characters are beloved by millions around the world. Here are the top anime characters known for being badass.

S.NO Best Anime With Badass Main Character
1 Code Geass
2 Darker than Black
3 Death Note
4 Code Breaker
5 Kaze No Stigma
6 Devil May Cry

1. Code Geass

This anime is a fan favorite. This anime has 25 episodes and two seasons. Lelouch is the main protagonist of this anime. His main strength is his ability control people’s minds. This ability enabled him to defeat his enemies. He planned all the actions in the series.

2. Darker than Black

This story centers around Hei. He is a contractor. Contractors are people who have the ability to achieve extraordinary powers, but they must pay a certain price. The price for the power is as simple as smoking a cigarette. The price can also be dangerous, as you may end up cutting yourself. Hei is a total badass. He is rude and never smiles, and he doesn’t talk much.

3. Death Note

This is a great anime and contains lots of action&violence. This is not appropriate for children. One day, Light Yagami, the main character of this anime, found a book called “Death Note.”This book has great power; any name written in this book will die in15 minutes. Light Yagami has a reputation for being ruthless. He is brilliant and clever. He killed the best detective of the world and fooled all of the police, including his father.

4. Code Breaker

Code Breaker is an anime that consists of only 13 episodes. It is a great story that centers around a group of Code Breakers. They are actually a misnomer. There are six Code Breakers, and each has their own special power. Rei Ogami, the code breaker, is the main character of the story. He is very powerful and ruthless. He can kill anyone and doesn’t care about the consequences.

5. Kaze No Stigma

Kaze No stigma is our favorite anime. It has 24 episodes. The main character in this anime is Kazuma Yagami. Kazuma Yagami was born into a fire magic user family. But from birth, he doesn’t have power. His father is the greatest soldier. He is the head of the family and is a powerful warrior after his father. He is so powerful that he can defeat anyone in 5 minutes by using power.

6. Devil May Cry

This anime is based on the famous play station game “Devil May Cry.” Dante is the main character in the story who is half demon and half human. He saved a little girl at the beginning of the anime. He is known for his laid-back attitude. He defeats the evil demonic throughout the story.

Best Anime with Badass Main Female Character

Badass is a fantastic Badass character in anime. Here are some of the most popular female anime characters.

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1. Revy Lagoon

Revy is a brave and deadly gun shooter, despite her poor upbringing. Her impressive gunfighting abilities make Revy the protector for the poor. In a male-dominated society, she is a bold, independent, and simple woman.

2. Bishamon-Noragami

Bishamon stands out for her transparent beauty. She is the goddess war and battles. She is known as the Goddess of war and Battles. Her kindness and generosity make her stand out from other characters. She is willing to accept new challenges.

3. Mikasa Ackerman-Attack On Titan

She is a brilliant soldier. Her natural talent in warfare is determined by her ancestry. Mikasa is protective of Eren because Eren raised Mikasa. She is a deuteragonist and often steals the spotlight from Eren Yeager.

4. Teresa-’Claymore’

Clare is guided by Teresa as a mentor. Despite her brief screen time, Teresa’s meaningful actions leave a lasting impression.

5. Maki Zenin-’Jujutsu Kaisen’

Maki Zenin grew up in a family full of outcasts. Although she was not born with any special powers, she has recently been able to use her magic powers for the benefit of others. Maki is extremely strong-willed and will do anything to help others. She stands behind her magic and her amazing combat skills.

6. Seras Victoria-’Hellsing Ultimate.’

Fans call Seras Victoria a police officer girl. She had a horrific past, but it doesn’t hurt her present situation. Seras can have both human and monstrous qualities. She is strong and mature, which makes her performance in anime long-lasting.

Strong Characters Anime Best

Anime refers to a Japanese-based animation series. This anime has become a worldwide phenomenon. We are now going to see the best anime featuring strong characters

1. Ken Kaneki-Tokyo Ghoul 

Kaneki was able to regenerate his entire body and gained superhuman strength. He can destroy everything. He is best known for being a one-eyed monarch. He is a strong fighter, who grows stronger with each set of injuries he suffers.

2. Ichigo Kurosaki-Bleach

Ichigo is known for his swordsmanship. He is able to defeat new foes. He gains new abilities with each defeat. This power makes him invincible. Ichigo is undoubtedly one the strongest characters in anime.

3. Lucy-Elfen Lied

Lucy is a stronger character and has many talents. She is a strong character with many abilities that can destroy the entire world. She suffered from a dissociative identity disorder. She can transform like other people. Lucy is without doubt one of the strongest anime characters. 

4. Isaac Netero-Hunter X Hunter

Isaac Netero is known for his strong martial arts skills. He can summon a powerful karate god to destroy everything in the world. He will win all of his fights. He is the former chairman of Hunter Association.

5. Mob-Mob psycho 100

Kageyama Shigo (also known as Mob) was able to rush up to the surface, where he could use powers that are comparable to large-scale natural disasters. His powers are so powerful that he used to have to shackle the emotions of his emotions to keep them from running wild.

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