Beat Coin Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Korean Reality TV and game shows are some of the most well-known products of the Hallyu Wave. Beat Coin is an example of Korea’s unique approach to reality entertainment. Beat Coin has nine episodes of insanely fun with its hosts and guests. It is quickly rising in Korean Reality Television.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the new funny adventure that hosts will bring them. It’s a show where a coin decides the destiny of the stars wielding it. Fans have been watching the variety show for years and are eager to see their favorite K stars join the fun.

Beat Coin (also known as Hongkindongjeon, HK Coin) was first published on KBS2 on 21 July 2022. There are five regular cast members to the show: Hong Jin Kyung and Kim Sook, Jo Se Ho Joo Woo Jae Joo Woo Jae Jang Woo Young. They usually play the games together and decide who their guest stars will be by flipping a coin.

Players play games to earn points. However, a coin toss could suddenly decide if they win or lose. This results in exciting gameplay that often surprises both the hosts and the fans. The variety show gives fans the chance to see other sides of their idols. The show is reality television so it’s impossible to predict how many episodes there will be. It will continue on for years.

Beat Coin Episode 10 Recap

Beat Coin Episode 9 was the previous episode. It featured the theme of 2002’s Football World Cup, which is a source of pride for Koreans, with legend players such as Son Heung-min or Park Ji-sung. One host was dressed as a referee, while the others were dressed in traditional clothes worn by players. The cause for this celebration is that the particular episode was aired on the 20th anniversary of Korea’s pride in the tournament of 2002.

And to everyone’s surprise, one of the three guest stars was Xiumin of EXO, a well-known soccer fan who even has an honorary membership from the Korean Football Association. The second guest was Baekho, the lead singer for NU’EST. Jung Hyuk, a Korean runwaymodel, was the third guest. The hosts hosted a fun game using the soccer FIFA theme.

Beat Coin Episode 10; Credits to Twitter

Fans had the opportunity to witness their idols’ emotions and overcome various challenges. They were also able to witness Xiumin promoting his solo album and showing his passion for soccer. K-star fans enjoyed seeing their favourite K-stars in these environments, which challenge and make them more human. They want to see more reality TV, and they hope other idols are able to join them on this variety program. The episode concluded with a great meeting between the group and Lee Chun Soo (a soccer legend).

Beat Coin Episode 10: Preview

Beat Coin Episode 10’s preview shows that the game has not ended. The night game begins between the two teams and they play on a field. The game began well but soon the teams started to cheat. There is also a glimpse of “Princess” Ha-young, who joins them briefly to moderate a game. The midnight store will be open to viewers as well. It is possible that they will be playing soccer, but in costumes and with other superpowers. The episode is set for release at night so fans can be excited to see what happens.

Beat Coin Episode 10

Beat Coin Episode 10; Credits to Twitter

Beat Coin Episode 10: Publication Date

Beat Coin Episode 10 will air on KBS2 on October 2, 2022. It will run for nearly 1 hour 10 minutes.

Beat Coin Episode 10: How to Watch

If you’re from North or South America, the show can be streamed on Kocowa TV. You will need to wait until the show becomes available on another streaming service if you’re from another country.

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