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Barbie Hsu, Who Are You?

Barbie Hsu, a Taiwanese heroine and musician, was born October 6, 1976. Her most notable role is that of the title character on the TV series Meteor Garden (2001). On February 8, 2022, she married South Korean singer Koo Junyup.  She was the middle sibling of three. Hsu Si-Hsien was the oldest and Dee Hsu the youngest. From 1994 to 2001, she and her younger sister Dee Hsu formed the musical duo ASOS. Initially known as SOS, the acronym for Sisters of Shu, the name was changed in legal terms to ASOS. Hsu is also known as “Big S” because of this.

Barbie Hsu Husband

On 8 March 2022, Hsu reported that she had married South Korean musician DJ Koo Jun-yup. Hsu and Koo’s relationship dates to August 1997, when she first saw Koo portraying on set in the audience for a show by Taiwanese musician Tarcy Su. Hsu had a crush upon Koo and they fell in love after re-acquainting in 1998. Hsu’s statement of their love is her tattoo of his surname “Koo” on her right ankle. Their love lasted only about a year. Due to the “dating ban” in the K-pop industry, Koo’s management opposed their relationship, leading to their heartbreaking split in 2000. After her divorce, they rekindled their love. Hsu and Koo were married in Taiwan on 28/03/2022. However, they officially tied the knot in South Korea on 8/02/2022.

DJ Koo And Barbie Hsu

Barbie Hsu Ex Husband

On 16 November 2010, Hsu married Chinese entrepreneur Wang Xiaofei in a civil tradition in Beijing. Their marriage feast was held on Hainan Island, 22 March 2011. They have two children: Wang HsiYueh (born April 24, 2014) and Wang Hsilin (born May 14, 2016). Hsu & Wang officially announced their divorce on 22 novembre 2021.

Barbie Hsu Age

Barbie Hsu was born on  6 October 1976. She is now 45 years old. She was the middle sibling of three. Hsu Si-Hsien was the eldest and Dee Hsu the youngest. Dee Hsu, her youngest sister, was a member of the musical duo ASOS between 1994 and 2001. SOS was originally the name of “Sisters of Shu”, but ASOS was adopted for legal reasons. Hsu, although she is the middle child in the family’s children, is also known by the name “Big S”. She is a vegetarian and an animal advocate.

Barbie Hsu Height

Barbie Hsu’s height is 1.63 m. After being married, she transitioned into a semi-retired acting career, with no new projects since 2012. Hsu continues to be involved in a variety of projects, including modeling campaigns as well as variety shows. Hsu’s role as the lead actress in the 2001 television series Meteor Garden made it a household name. Since 2005, she has promoted Tissot watch brands and in April 2008 she signed a three-year contract.

Barbie Hsu Instagram

Public figures require popularity. Popularity is the only way to make them famous. She is a social media manager for many platforms, but Instagram is her most well-known. 大S (@barbiehsu.fp), is her Instagram handle and she posts everything about her life on social media.

Barbie Hsu Net Worth

Her wealth is huge. After researching Barbie Hsu’s net worth online, we discovered that it is approximately $1 – $5 million. Barbie Hsu is an actress who has amassed a substantial following on the main social networking site. She is also followed by a large amount of users. We applaud Barbie Hsu, for her large social media following.

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