Banni Chow House Delivery on 10 Nov 2022 Update: Banni is deciding to go out to the home

The show begins by Kabir not eating anything. Banni insists that he consume Kheer. Yuvan attempts to escape but Kabir is able to control him. Banni provides him with a large bowl of kheer, and then is about to hand over her tiffins hoping that her food to do something magical on Yuvan. Kabir is able to break free of the chains. He is tempted to hurt Banni but then stops remembering his promises to Tulika. Then he gets an SMS that makes him feel happy. Kabir believes he finally found the ability to beat Banni.

Banni is asking Charmi to turn off the gas at the right time. She is about to collect her food tiffins. Kabir interrupts her to inform Banni that her union with Yuvan is unlawful according to law, a marriage that is based on someone who is mentally unstable can be declared null and void at any point, which means the marriage can end at any point. Everyone gets shocked. Kabir tears up the wedding pictures of Yuvan and Banni. Kabir announces that it’s illegal and that the wedding doesn’t exist. Banni sheds tears. Kabir states that technically and legally I am legally married to Tulika. He invites Banni to be a part of the wedding festivities. He asks Banni whether she’s shocked. He informs Banni that she must be aware that no one will like her style of girl. Banni feels awful.

Devraj says that you’re traditional marriages, then how could it be considered illegal? Kabir states that, according to law, it’s not legal. He says he’s contacted the lawyer to clarify the issue to them. Lawyer Chowdary appears. Hemant is shocked to see Chowdary. Chowdary tells everyone that the marriage of Banni-Yuvan is not legal. Kabir thank him. Chowdary departs. Kabir announces to Banni that she is unable to break his engagement to Tulika for long and asks everyone to plan his wedding with Tulika. Banni and Devraj are unable to keep their peace.

Tulika puts ointment on her burned hand. Kabir comes to her and requests her to reveal her hand. Tulika requests him to get out of the hand, saying that he doesn’t realize the extent of her pain. Kabir also burns his hand. Tulika gets shocked seeing him. She stops her and applies cream to the burnt area. Kabir admires her. Tulika wonders why he has done the act. Kabir claims it’s because love is the reason and I’m sorry by sharing my hurt with you because you’re very important to me. Tulika forgets her time with Kabir and convinces herself Kabir is a fake. Then she gets a Banni contact. Banni tells her that Kabir insists on marrying her, and she proves that the marriage is unlawful. Tulika is able to disconnect the phone and decides to take action.

Banni remembers with tears, how Manini declared that she would be Banni after Banni Singh Rathore. Banni is convinced that she does not have the right to remain at the house of Rathore and she packs her baggage. When she arrives, she is able to see her wedding dress as well as other things that remind her of her past with Yuvan. She believes their bond is one of heart which means it can’t be legalized and she chooses to stand up to protect her Yuvan by showing him a lesson Kabir.

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