Banni Chow Home Delivered on November 14, 2022 Episode: Devraj Puts Banni In A Dangerous Situation

Banni is inquiring about Agastya to make an unofficial marriage together with her. She says she sought recommendation from him since he is Yuvan’s good friend and hers, and he or she is not able to consider someone else instead of Agastya. Agastya claims he does not wish to expose anything else, and he will assist her or even organize an unofficial marriage ceremony. Banni states that she does not wish to power him, and the choice is to say no her advice. Agastya believes that is among the finest solution to assist his good friend. She leaves the scene unhappy.

Banni is again with Devraj and informs him that she has discovered a approach to deliver again Yuvan’s reminiscence. Devraj broadcasts that she is not going to act now, as she has already made many sacrifices for Yuvan. She says she’ll get married to Agastya in actual existence and no longer damage her existence because of Yuvan. Banni claims Yuvan was once her husband. Devraj affirms that Yuvan can have been her husband if her aunt and uncle hadn’t manipulated him and he hadn’t pressured his aunt and uncle to conform to the wedding. Banni claims she was once captivated through Yuvan’s actual pastime right away upon assembly. Devraj inquires in regards to the whereabouts of Yuvan, and he is being sucked into the abyss of Kabir. Banni broadcasts that Kabir is a lie and Yuvan is the reality. Devraj wonders what occurs is the chance that Yuvan is not returning in any respect, and Kabir assumes all the position.

Banni claims she’ll be combating for the remainder of her existence to deliver again Yuvan. Devraj insists that she should not battle for her complete existence and needs she forgets about Yuvan and proceed with Agastya. Banni warns Devraj to not make such statements and says she’s certain she’s going to resurrect Yuvan. Devraj is inquisitive about what may just occur if he does not. Banni insists she’s no longer a cow when she palms her rope from one individual to the following, however he’s simply the method to enroll in her with Yuvan. Devraj insists that he won’t be able to do it, and If she does not settle for his phrases, she’ll have the ability to see his face useless. Banni tears up that he is doing one thing flawed.

Tulika walks as much as Banni and calls for that she forestall other people from bringing Kabir to the psychological health center. Banni broadcasts she plans to deliver Yuvan again after which finds the plan. She says that Kabir and Tulika’s rituals would happen previous to their marriage ceremony at the one hand, in addition to Banni and Agastya’s marriage ceremony at the reverse aspect. Yuvan awakes to look Banni marriage ceremony to someone else. Tulika enjoys reminiscing about Kabir’s love for her, and making an allowance for marrying Kabir, on the very least, for a short while. She is prepared to lend a hand Banni in finishing Kabir and believes Kabir will die in Yuvan, however she shall be in herself for the remainder of her existence. Banni assures Tulika to protect Tulika and provides that Kabir must believe that Banni is married to Agastya. Best then are we able to save Yuvan.

Tulika tells her she will have to talk about any other factor. She says she is aware of that Kabir addressed her through her identify from youth Bunty and mentioned he’d misplaced her prior to and can by no means lose her once more. She says she was once despatched to an orphanage at 3 years previous, dressed in the B locket on her neck. They altered her identify to Tulika and requested how Kabir remembered her identify from youth. Banni means that perhaps Bunty is a part of Yuvan’s earlier existence, and he or she wishes to analyze why Kabir was once born.

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