Bad Girlfriend Korean Drama Cast, Who Are The Cast In Bad Girlfriend?

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Korean Drama about a Bad Girlfriend

“Bad Girlfriend” is a web drama about a woman who has a difficult time balancing her relationships with different men. Byeon S.Yoon (Park YoungWoon), Yoo JeongHo and OMEGA X’s Hyuk are the main characters in the drama. In this drama, OMEGA X member Hyuk as well as burgeoning actor Yoo J.Hoo will make small-screen debuts. WHYNOT Media is behind the drama. In this article, we will find out more about Bad Girlfriend Korean Drama.

Name of Korean Drama starring Bad Girlfriend

Cast Character
Byeon SeoYoon  Yang JiSoo
Yang Hyuk Moon JiHo
Park YoungWoon Yoon TaeOh
Yoo JeongHoo Kwak HyunWoo

Korean Drama: Bad Girlfriend

Byeon SoYoon as Yang JiSoo

JiSoo is a cheerful, charming person and is the ace of “YN Planning.” She is gentle, sensible, and loved by both sexes. She is often the object of male crushes. JiSoo also appreciates such attention. JiSoo, who has been in casual relationships for many years, is approached by two beautiful men. But she can’t choose just one.

Yang Hyuk as Moon JiHo

JiHo is a recent college grad who works part-time in a cafe. She is now a part of society. His friendly demeanour makes people forget their anger. He is able to show affection for people he likes, despite his appearance of being cold. JiSoo is his ultimate professional ambition.

Park YoungWoon is Yoon TaeOh

TaeOh, the dynamic squad captain of “YN Planning”, is a great example of team spirit. TaeOh is a sharp observer of reality and a solid thinker. He is often described by others as “frigid” because he is unable to consider other human emotions. TaeOh has had many victories and been successful after every victory. TaeOh experiences uncertainty when he meets Yang Jisoo.

Yoo JeongHoo and Kwak HyunWoo

HyunWoo knows all about JiSoo’s relationships because he has known her for ten years. He is a man with many traits but he has a determination that prevents people from taking him lightly. He has always stood by JiSoo but his heart is becoming more difficult as she begins to develop relationships with two men.

Korean Drama Plot: Bad Girlfriend

Ji Soo is a marketing coordinator who is determined to find a partner she likes. She is satisfied with her company’s performance. Ji Ho is her boyfriend. He is a young, energetic man who is trying to make ends meet and pay her bills. Ji Soo’s seemingly perfect life fell apart when Ji Ho began working for Ji Soo. Can Ji Soo cope with this and continue her relationships with Ji Ho?

Korean Drama: Bad Girlfriend

Specifications Details
Series Name Bad Girlfriend
Other Name Baedeu Geolpeurendeu
Genre Romance and Drama
Directed by Lee SiYoung
Written By Park JeongYoon
Country of origin South Korea
Original language Korean
No. No. 1
No. No. 12
Original network Naver TV Cas
Original release 5 July 2022-11 Aug 2022

Bad Girlfriend Trailer

Korean Drama about a Bad Girlfriend

Korean Drama: Bad Girlfriend

Name of Korean Drama starring Bad Girlfriend

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