Australia’s Top 10 Interesting Casino Facts

The majority of Australians consider gambling to be one of their favorite pastimes, and this has a rich history that most people are unaware of. The research found that 80 percent of Australians prefer gaming in a live casino.

So here are Interesting Casino Facts.

10 Interesting Casino Facts

More than 6.8 million individuals, or almost 40% of the population, gamble at casinos. In comparison to any other nation, Australians are the most pro-gambling. All around the nation, prize winners are entitled to a tax-free withdrawal of their whole winnings. As gambling is ingrained in their culture, Australia wins the prize for gambling.

Horse racing was one of Australia’s first forms of gambling. The majority of areas had turf clubs by 1850. In 1920, the first government-run lotteries ever began. Since its casinos became well known, Australia has developed into a paradise for gamblers and casino enterprises.

When it comes to embracing online gambling, Australia has been at the forefront. Government policy on gambling has had a significant impact on this. In order to attract more gamblers, many free online casinos provide a minimum bet of $1.

Australians are the world’s largest gamblers per capita, losing more than AUD24 billion per year. Australians profess to bet on a regular basis in the proportion of 40%. Low-income households account for the majority of these losses, investing at least 10% of their available funds in gambling.

One-fifth of all gambling machines worldwide are thought to be located in Australia. There are more than 200,000 slot machines in the nation, most of which are in New South Wales. Electronic device sales have steadily decreased, primarily as a result of government restrictions on them.

The Australian economy benefits greatly from the casino sector. Casino poker slots provide half of the government’s revenue. Over 150,000 Australians are employed by casinos, which collected about $10 billion in taxes in 2017–18. According to the Productivity Commission, Australia’s tax receipts totaled $6.8 billion.

Lotteries and scratch-off tickets are popular instant-win games in Australia. An estimated 8.5 million Australians, or 47% of the population, played lotteries in 2021.

Australians are accustomed to watching their countrymen lose a lot of money at the casino. However, a stranger took home the largest payout in Australian gaming history. By eliminating 821 opponents, Brayn Kennedy beat the main event’s previous record.

Anzac Day is a significant holiday for people from Australia and New Zealand. Every year on April 25, when the entire court stops operating, it is observed. Australians indulge on Anzac Day and play the traditional game of two-up at pubs and casinos.

In comparison to women, men are more likely to take on danger and wager larger sums of money. Gambling-related difficulties include depression and financial loss, which affect more men than women.


Australia boasts the largest casinos, and each state has at least one of the top Australian online casinos, in addition to numerous more popular ones.

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