Ashita no Joe Ending Explained: What Went Down?

Ashita no Joe is an action drama series known as Tomorrow’s Joe. The finale of this series will be revealed as soon as possible. This is one of the most popular action series from the 70s. It has lasted well in comparison to other series of this era. The anime reached 70 episodes and featured the best moments in boxing. There were seasons 1 and 2. Season 2 was called Rocky Joe 2, which continued the story of the legendary boxer. Season 2 had 47 episodes. 

Asao Takamori wrote Ashita no Joe and Tetsuya Chuba illustrated it. Before its anime adaptation, it was first published in Weekly Shonen Magazine. It had more than 20 volumes of tankobon. It is one of few anime series that has been adapted in different media using Megalo Box Anime. This is the story about Joe Yabuki, a young man who was a Bantamweight boxer. Yabuki Joe thought his life was over after a terrible incident. 

After leaving the boxing gym, Joe made the decision to forget his past and live life as a wanderer. However, during Joe’s journey, he encounters Wolf Kanagushi and Goromaki Gondo, men who are his diehard fan. Joe is convinced by the duo to carry on with his past activities and to forget about his wanderings. Joe sees that he has a bright future and decides to return to his hometown to continue working as a boxer. His trainer and Joe are not aware that he has mysterious medical issues that will stop him from boxing. Joe was introduced to Carlos River, a well-known boxer from the world.  

Ashita no Joe Ending Explained: Finale

Joe’s life continues after he has been through countless boxing fights. He won many. But he was matched with Rikishi, who is three weight classes ahead of him. Rikishi began to lose weight by following a rigorous weight loss program. This helped him be in Joe’s weight class, and they organized a boxing event. Rikishi survives to the 8th round using the well-known technique hit and not be hit. Joe was knocked unconscious by his heavy punch in round 8. It was an amazing fight, and one of the most exciting boxing bouts. 

Ashita no Joe

Rikishi is unlucky to meet his demise because he has lost too much weight and received brutal punches from Joe during their fight. Joe is affected by Rikishi’s death and begins to think that he is the one who killed him. This also affected Joe’s next matches, where his trainer Danpei noticed that Joe was failing to land clean headshots on his opponents. Joe had to work hard to overcome this after realizing Rikiishi had died from his negligence. Joe lost three fights in succession, motivating him not to lose. 

Joe’s next match was announced, and he fought with the world’s #6-ranked fighter, Carlos Rivera. Joe and Carlos fought a fierce battle that was predicted to end in any round. But Joe won six rounds while Carlos won six, making the fight a draw. Joe’s fight with Carlos earned him fame and respect all over the globe. In the opposite, Carlos was to face Jose Mendoza, the World Champion. Joe is now able to conquer all boxers in his path and rise up the ranks. 

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Joe vs. Jose Mendoza, World Champion

But he realizes that he has struggled to make bantamweight since growing up and decides to use Rikishi’s training methods. Joe vs. OPBF Champion Kim Yongbi begins. Joe makes it look easy and dedicates his win in the end to Rikishi. Joe defends his OPBF title against Harimau, a Malaysian fighter. His win earned him a title bout with Jose Mendoza who was KO Carlos Rivera in just the first round. Jose had ended Carlos’s career, and the news reporters revealed that Carlos suffered from brain illness since he suffered a brutal ko during his fight with Jose. 

Ashita no Joe Ending Explained

Joe vs. Jose

Joe vs. Jose Mendez was sold fight, and many of Joe’s friends attended this fight. Joe’s rivals also attend this fight, cheering Joe to break Jose’s winning streak and become a world champion. Joe wins the match after KOing Jose several times. Jose supported his words and started to land powerful punches which shake Joe. Joe remained composed and refused to fall. Jose became angry and decided to end Joe’s life.

Jose wonders what damage Joe could do since he’s never had to face a man who fought Joe as hard as Joe. Jose won by points after the match reached round fifteen. This was after Joe knocked out Jose many times and had won more rounds. The fans were happy about this. Joe was also surprised, and  Danpei consoled Joe, who did not say anything about the results, and he smiled. 

Is There a New Season of Ashita no Joe Coming?

Ashita no Joe revealed season 1 and 2, but there is still no announcement for a return. However, Joe’s career is far from ending since there is a possible return for this series that would explain how Joe’s career ended since it was rumored that Joe would meet his end like other boxers who took it too far. 

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