Aryan Khan was implicated deliberately with maladies intentions, SIT Blames Sameer Wankhede –

Aryan Khan was implicated deliberately with maladies intentions, SIT Blames Sameer Wankhede –

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Sameer Wankhede, a former NCB official who was praised as a hero on social media for having the bravery to arrest the son of one of India’s most famous celebrities for a drug case, has now been revealed to be the culprit.
After possibly the most high-profile investigation in the agency’s history turned out to be an embarrassment, the NCB has disowned the IRS officer who wasdeputation during the Cordelia Cruises raid.

The SITA report may be filed by any person convicted in the case of drugs-on-cruise with the Ministry of Home Affairs to assign blame for the investigation’s substandard nature.
The report will hold accountable all officials involved in the investigation.
The SITThe initial team that conducted the raid and arrested the suspects had significant procedural errors.
It wasIt was discovered that Sameer Wankhede’s team, which was in charge of the NCB’s Mumbai Zone, had failed to conduct the obligatory medical test of the accused, there wasThere is no video recording of raids. wasNo evidence of WhatsApp talks has been provided.
SIT sleuths found the NCB team did many “grave irregularities” and were allegedly just trying to “implicate” AryanIn this case.
“It is strange to note that in spite of clear cut denial by Arbaaz (Merchant) regarding involvement of AryanIn the investigation of his possession and procurement of drugs, the investigating officer began looking at WhatsApp chats. Aryan without even formally seizing his mobile phone,” the report said.
Merchant stated to the investigating officer: Aryan wasHe (Merchant) is aware wasAccording to the report, an infrequent consumer. Merchant wasAlso cited as adding AryanHe was advised not to bring any hash since NCB wasThey would get into trouble if they were active. “In none of his statements Arbaaz Merchant states that drugs recovered was meant for AryanOr Aryan was involved in any way in procuring the recovered drugs,” the report said.
The SITThe raid team that raided Cordelia Cruise was also accused of making a serious mistake by disclosing WhatsApp conversations before the court hearing.

Wankhede’s actions in the case have been scrutinised since the beginning. Things changed when he was arrested. wasThis suspect was accused of extortion. This was followed by a slew of other charges, including questions about his caste certificate’s legitimacy.
According to reports, the government has requested that the Competent Authority take action against the allegations. WankhedeBecause of the insufficient investigation into the Aryan Khan case.
When asked if action would be taken against the Mumbai team then headed by, Wankhede, NCB director general SN Pradhan told PTI “we cannot immediately jump to accuse the Mumbai unit…they must have had something and to probe this there is another SIT.”

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