Are Nick and Di Dougherty Still Together, Nick and Di Dougherty Split

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 Are Nick and Di Dougherty Still Together? 

Yes, Nick Dougherty is still with Di Dougherty. They have been together for many decades and are among the most passionate golf supporters. Di Dougherty started golf when she was six years old, and Nick is a past winner of the European Tour three times. They spoke about the sport in a 2020 interview. 

Nick and Di Dougherty Split

Nick and Di Dougherty began dating in 2009. They were married in March 2010. They were married 31 December 2010, and have two children. They are still together. They have not separated. In an interview, Di answered a question about how they balance their careers with raising their children. Di replied, “We have Mandy, a wonderful lady who lives at the end our road and is part our marriage, which we couldn’t survive without!” We don’t have family in London because both of our families live up North and need someone else to help them. Everybody needs a Max is eighteen in August, while Bridget will be five by December. It’s challenging, and they have totally different personalities, which is amazing. We want them to be able to play the sport they love naturally. There is no pressure. It’s about having fun and enjoying being a child.

Nick and Di Dougherty

Nick Dougherty also spoke out about whether he wants his children following in his footsteps. He stated, “If they wish to follow in my footsteps… hopefully they will play the sport because it offers so much, not only about the sport, but also in terms of life skills like integrity, work ethic and discipline, camaraderie. But I hope they don’t want it to be hard!” It’s hard to be successful in any job, even though you’ve lived it.

Nick Dougherty

Nick Dougherty is a retired professional player golfer. He was born in Bootle on Merseyside and attended Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Blackburn. He is the protégé of Nick Faldo, a former golf legend. He had a great amateur career. Nick Dougherty won many tournaments, including the 1999 Boys Championship. He was a member the victorious Great Britain/Ireland Walker Cup team in 2001. 

Di Dougherty

Di Dougherty, a British television presenter, was born Di Stewert. Her best-known role is hosting Golf Night on Sky Sports. She was born in Salford, Greater Manchester and attended Stockport Grammar School. She attended the University of Newcastle and played netball and golf while there. Di Dougherty’s career began when she joined Galaxy Radio as a crew member.


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