Are Karan Chhabra And Shreeradhe Still Together, Karan Chhabra And Shreeradhe

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Shreeradhe And Karan Chhabra

Karan Chhabra, the Super Stud champion of the first season, stars in the ninth season MTV Splitsvilla. spoke exclusively with the actor-turned-model, who also starred in Tiger Shroff’s film Heropanti. He mentioned Sunny Leone’s inspirations in his participation in this competition. He also stated that he would not be participating in any more reality TV shows because he couldn’t get better than Splitsvilla.

Splitsvilla 9 Couple

These are the couples and their status from season nine:

Contestants Notes Status
Gurmeet Rehal 1st Place, 1st and Last King Of The Villla;Ultimate Kings Winner
Kavya Khurana 1st Place; 3rd King of Villa;Ultimate queen Winner
Varun Sood 2nd Place; Lose against Gurmeet, Kavya 1 runner-up
Martina Thariyan 2nd Place; 1st Lady of Villa; Lost against Gurmeet & Kavya 1 runner-up
Pratik Kalsi 3rd Place; Dumped By Kavya;Re-entered

Kavya and Gurmeet lost

2 runner up
Rajnandini Borpuzori 3rd place; 2nd Queen in the villa; Lost against Gurmeet & Kavya 2 runner up
Nikhil Sachdeva 4th Place in the Finale, but didn’t have any connection to compete In Finale. Eliminated
Mia Lakra 5th Place; Entered 2nd wildcard Princess; Lost to Martina Thairan Eliminated
Shreeradhe Khanduja 6th Place; Entered as the first wild-card Princess; Dumped by Martina Thairan, Mia Lakra Eliminated
Karan Khanna 7th Place; Dumped at Kavya Khaurana Eliminated
Abhishek Singh Pathania 8th Place; Dumped by Kavya Khurana & Rajnandini Borpuzori Eliminated
Isha Anand Sharma 9th Place; Dumped by Kavya Khurana & Rajnandani Borpuzori Eliminated
Ayan Khan 10th Place; Entered the 1st Wild Card Warriors; Dumped Rajnandini Borpuzori Eliminated
Priya Haridas 11th Place; Entered to be a 3rd Wild Card Princess. Dumped by Kavya Khaurana Eliminated
Karan Chhabra 12th Place; Dumped and Re-entered by Martina Thairan

Dumped ny Kavya Khurana

Zain Abideen 13th Place. Entered as 2nd Wild Card Warriors;Sacrifice For Priya Haridas Quit
Mayuri Das 14th Place, Dumped by Martina Thairan Eliminated
Akhil Katharia 15th Place, Dumped by Martina Thairan Eliminated
Anuranjan Awasthi 16th Place; Dumped By Martina Thairan Eliminated
Niharika Ghai 17th Place: Dumped by Martina Thairan, and Lost against Rajnandini Borpuzori Eliminated
Harshit Tomar 18th Place; Dumped By Martina Thairan Eliminated
Milind Manek 19th Place, Dumped by Martina Thairan Eliminated
Shubhashish Banerjee 20th Place; Dumped By Martina Thairan Eliminated
Ishaan Singh Manhas 21st Place; Dumped By Princesses Eliminated
Sushant Mohindru 22nd Place; Dumped By Princesses Eliminated

Splitsvilla 9

Splitsvilla 9 was hosted in Splitsvilla 9 by Sunny Leone, Rannvijay and Rannvijay. The show debuted on June 11, 2016, by Rannvijay Singh and Sunny Leone. This season featured six girls and fifteen boys with the theme “Where Women Rule.” The boys did not have the option to discard any girl. Three princesses joined the wild card entry along with two warriors. Kavya, Rajnandini, Martina were the first queens. On October 8, 2016, the finale of the season aired. Gurmeet Sing Rehal and Kavya Khaurana won.


MTV India broadcasts MTV Spitsvilla, a reality dating show in India. Nikhil Chinapa hosted the show; Rannvijay Sing and Sunny Leone are hosting it now. The show is about young children trying to get a spot at Splitsvilla, an isolated villa. Boys and girls compete in tasks to stay in a competition and find love with their fellow contestants. Splitsvilla’s champions were a boy and girl. The candidates will compete in anger, resentment or friendship. Each Season introduces a new concept.

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