Are Juleka And Rose Dating? Relationship Status Of Julerose

Viewers are curious as to whether Juleka Couffaine and Rose are actually dating. Yes, those are the Miraculous Ladybug characters Juleka Couffaine, and Rose Lavillant. They were at first enemies, but there was some bad blood. Their relationship began to change and they started to get along well. Juleka and Rose quickly became best friends and often spent time together. The femslash ship Julerose was also born from this friendship. But, what’s more between them? Let’s dive into this piece to learn if Juleka and Rose are dating. 

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Juleka and Rose’s Relationship Status

Yes! Juleka, Rose in Miraculous Ladybug and Rose in Miraculous Ladybug may be dating. They are a living example of the old saying, “opposites attract.” You have probably seen it. It is clear that they were at first enemies. But now, Juleka and Rose are more like best friends who can’t stay apart from each other.

When they don’t have school, or even between break periods and classes, they spend enough time together. Juleka and Rose are very supportive. Whenever in need, they appear to be each others’ support system. 

Juleka and Rose 

Season 1 shows Juleka and Rose hiding together as the Akumas attack. Rose helps Juleka out by taking her to the locked bathroom. There was a steady growth in their friendship. They were both seen performing together at a music fest as members of Kitty Section.

While in Season 3, Rose compliments Juleka’s hair, and there appears to be a new turn in the plot. She kisses the cheek. In ‘Miracle Queen’, both of them have been seen together with the other couples. It gives away the possibility of Julerose being present. Season 4: Juleka helps Rose defend herself from the evil villain. Instead, she is hit. 

In Miraculous Ladybug, Juleka and Rose have been staying by each other’s side, protecting from all odds. That’s a real sign of a true friendship, no matter if they are dating or not. 

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