Are Dated & Related’s Diana and Kaz Still Together?

With Netflix’s ‘Dated and Related‘ maintaining the familiar chaos of reality romances while bringing forth an entirely new concept, the way family can help one’s quest for love comes to light. The reality series follows a group Siblings as they move into a South French villa to be the best wingpersons for one another. This delicate process in season 1 did result in a few beautiful connections, amongst which was the allure between Diana Parsijani and Kaz Bishop — so let’s find out more about them, shall we?

Diana and Kaz’s Dated and Related Journey

The spark between Diana and Kaz was evident from the moment they met during the introductions at the villa with their twins, as well as other sibling cast members. The latter thus didn’t hesitate in approaching her within mere hours, just for her to appreciate his openness before admitting that although there’s chemistry, she needs to get to know him more. That’s because the 29-year-old falls really quickly, and trust is big for her — also the reason she felt rather heartbroken once he went out with Corrina Roppo the next evening upon her asking.

Diana actually left the room as soon as the 30-year-old firefighter told the group the date was “good” despite both their brothers being there, making him realize she was already truly invested. Kaz tried to locate her shortly after, but she was not there. He apologized for inadvertently hurting her and reiterated his sincere intentions towards her. They shared a warm kiss. Kaz was able to admit her trust issues from past experiences, which helped to establish a strong foundation for their relationship.

Kaz had stated in his original confessional that he’s a bit of a player and it would take a lot for him to settle down, yet he almost immediately committed to Diana since he knew she was special. Not only did no new cast addition turn either of their heads, but the villa’s first official couple also didn’t let the drama resulting in their siblings’ (Kaz and Nina’s) separation hurt their relationship. Although they did have their share of small quarrels they were able move on with each day by having deep conversations, being open to new ideas, and enjoying quality time together.

Are Diana and Kaz Still Together

As Kaz is naturally not an openly emotional individual or great with words, he enlisted his twin brother’s help towards the end of their journey to make a date with Diana even more special. He set up a secluded area with rose petals and champagne before going all ‘Love Actually’ on her by writing down his feelings on notecards for her to read from — the last one said, “I love you! And will you be my girlfriend?” Of course, Diana returned the sentiment and said “Yes!,” leading to the start of something even deeper between them. He gradually changed her perspective on men by being himself. However, she began to change the way he conducts himself in liaisons.

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So it was not surprising that Diana and Kaz won the $100,000 prize after receiving votes from their castmates. Therefore, we’re also glad to report that the London natives still seem to be on great terms — it’s unclear whether they’re still romantically involved, yet their continued contact through social media makes their amicability evident. The fact Kaz and Diana went through this whole experience without any significant problems, their shared beliefs, as well as their same base does make us believe they’re still together, but it’s honestly just our optimistic assumption at this point. They haven’t explicitly confirmed or denied anything as of writing.

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