Apeirophobia Roblox Code July 2022, How To Redeem Apeirophobia Codes?

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Apeirophobia Roblox Code The Ende 

Apeirophobia offers the Roblox experience, just like other Roblox games. Apeirophobia requires players to search for the unsettling levels, complete many tasks, and reach the exit while evading the chilling creatures. Apeirophobia Roblox Code is a way to earn rewards and get freebies. 

Active Apeirophobia Roblox Code July 2022

The Active set Apeirophobia Roblox Code works correctly. Below is the active Apeirophobia Roblox.  

Expired Apeirophobia Roblox Code July 2022

The expired set of Apeirophobia codes does not work properly.

Steps To Redeem Apeirophobia Codes 

These are the steps to redeem the Apeirophobia Codes.

  • Initiate the Apeirophobia.

  • Next, click on the Codes tab. It is located on the main screen.

  • Then enter your codes. 

Apeirophobia Roblox Level 7 Code

1) Computer Color Codes

It is important to determine which number corresponds to each color. To do this, you will need to locate the computer screen. There are two options: the numbers and the colours. You may only see the numbers once. 

  • Red – one

  • Yellow – five

  • Green – two

  • Blue – three

  • Grey – four

  • orange – seven

2) Identify the Orbs

This is one method of the code that is different for each game. You must collect all orbs in the room. There may be only three balls. After you have completed the procedure, you will need to return to the computer to get your code.

3) The Code

It is a 6-digit number, and we will explain how to get each one.

  • 1st digit: Numbers of balls of the lowest priority.

  • 2nd digit: Lowest priority colour value.

  • 3rd Digit: Number of intermediate priority balls.

  • 4th digit medium priority colour value.

  • 5th Digit: The number of balls that make up the max priority.

  • 6th digit: max priority colour value.

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