Anupama 11th November 2022 Written Update

The current Anupama 11th Nov 2022 Episode opens in Anupama demanding Pakhi to stop causing another argument and to be happy to go to the Shah home.

Pakhi continues to say she doesn’t like Anupama’s old saree, and isn’t keen on following the fashion.

At once, Leela suddenly calls Anupama to ask where she is. Anupama says that she’s going to leave.

Anupama is then telling Pakhi to stop arguing now and then they all head to go to Shah home.

After reaching Shah home, Leela is astonished to discover Barkha as well as Anupama.

Leela is asking Anupama What is Barkha doing in this scene.

Leela is then reminded by Barkha of the many things she had said about the Shah’s position and each of them.

Barkha apologizes to Leela for her past negative remarks.

She has realized that these things don’t have any significance, what is important is the fact that her brother is loved by Pakhi.

Barkha adds that she is not a problem with the Shahs because her main concern is being involved in her beloved brother’s wedding.

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