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Anime Adventures Tier List

Anime Adventures includes races featuring popular anime characters. With that in mind, you might be curious about the best Anime Adventures race tier listing for 2022. We have compiled the Anime Adventures Tier List accordingly. It is tempting to think of cheat codes to help reduce stress. You would think that this game must have many characters. Let’s have a deeper look at this game as well in the upcoming passages.

Anime Adventures Roblox

Roblox Anime Adventures a tower defense game based in anime. It was created by Gomu. Roblox allows players to collect characters from different anime universes and then use them in the game. Redeem codes are the easiest way to unlock exclusive rewards. Some players know about the Redeem codes, but some others don’t know about them. It is easy to redeem the codes for free items. You can easily get free items by entering the codes and redeeming the products.

What is a Tier?

  • Tier 0: This group is made up of the strongest and most superior characters, with the most extraordinary abilities.

  • Tier 1 – Tier 1 Characters are very similar to Tier 0 Characters. They are known for being strong characters due to their high levels of talent, strategy and strength.

  • Tier 2 – These heroes can make themselves the best fighters in a fight with a well-planned strategy. However their abilities and powers are slightly less than those of the 1 or 2 Characters.

  • Tier 3 – These characters are the most common, and they lack the skills necessary to survive in the game.

  • Tier 4 – These characters are the weaker and less powerful ones in the game.

  • Tier 5 – These characters have weaker stats than tier 4.

Roblox Anime Adventures Tier List 2022

The upcoming Anime Adventures tier list is classified on the character’s DMG;

  • Lelouch – Tier 0

  • Shanks – Tier 1

  • Broly – Tier 1

  • Akainu – Tier 1

  • All Might – Tier 1

  • WhiteBeard – Tier 1

  • Madara –  Tier 1

Main DMG Tier 2

Main DMG Tier 3

  • Ace – Tier 3

  • Rengoku – Tier 3

  • Giorno – Tier 3

  • Dio – Tier 3

  • Katakuri – Tier 3

Main DMG Tier 4

  • BlackBeard – Tier 4

  • Zeke – Tier 4

  • Goku Blue – Tier 4

  • Itachi – Tier 4

  • Kizaru – Tier 4

  • Goku Black – Tier 4

  • Mihawk – Tier 4

  • Dabi – Tier 4

Main DMG Tier 5

  • BlackBeard – Tier 4

  • Zeke – Tier 4

  • Goku Blue – Tier 4

  • Itachi – Tier 4

  • Kizaru – Tier 4

  • Goku Black – Tier 4

  • Mihawk – Tier 4

  • Dabi – Tier 4

Anime Adventures Tier List For Supporters

Tier List Characters

Supporter Tier 1

Tier 1 Erwin
Tier 1 Shanks
Tier 1 Katakuri
Tier 1 All Might
Tier 1 Blackbeard
Tier 1 Dio

Supporter Tier 2

Tier 1 Speedwagon
Tier 1 Pain
Tier 1 Whitebeard
Tier 1 Bulma

Supporter Tier 3

Tier 3 Diavolo
Tier 3 Jotaro
Tier 3 Sakura

Supporter Tier 4

Tier 4 Todoroki 

Supporter tier 5

Tier 1 Lelouch
Tier 1 Eren
Tier 1 Akainu
Tier 1 Broly
Tier 1 Shanks
Tier 2 Levi
Tier 2 Diavolo
Tier 3 Giorno
Tier 4 Jotaro

What is Roblox?

All you have to do is rank up and complete many activities. You don’t have to worry about losing your progress. This game offers online features, so you can compete against other players and reach the top of your tour leaderboard. To rank higher on leaderboards, you must be active and earn more in the game. Roblox Safe Chat must be disabled so that your friends can communicate with you.

Anime Adventures Tier List

Roblox Anime Adventures Tier List

Anime Adventures Tier List 2022

Anime Adventures Legendary Tier Listing

Anime Adventures Unit Tier List.

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