AMP Robotics secures $55M Series B Funding

The AMP Robotics Corp. It is a Denver-based firm that specializes on artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics in the hazardous waste sector. Through corporate equity, it raised $55 million.

AMP Robotics secures $55M Series B Funding

This round was initiated and participated in by XN. It follows the Sequoia Capital $16m Series A financing of November 2019.

The funds will be used by the company to expand its business and scale up its operations with CPG firms like Keurig Dr. Pepper (NASDAQ : KDP).

Matanya HROwitz, the founder and CEO of AMP Robotics. AMP Robotics utilizes AI and robotics to improve recycling rates, recover recyclables, make them more economically viable, and increase their availability for the global supply chain.

The AMP CortexTM, a high-speed robotics platform that automates the identification and sorting of recyclables from mixed material streams, is called a high speed robot. The AMP Neuron(TM), an AI platform that continuously trains itself, recognizes different colors, textures and shapes.

It can identify recyclable materials and brand labels. Neuron assists robots in placing and selecting recyclable material. This technology is available in North America and Asia. It can be used to extract recyclables from municipal trash and precious commodities form electronic waste.

AMP is made in America. The headquarters and manufacturing operations of AMP are located in Colorado.

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