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Aliens Fireteam Elite

Aliens Fireteam Elite is a third-person survival game that allows you to co-op with other players. You will be fighting the evolving Xenomorph chaos and marines. You can customize the appearance of your character to combat the Xenomorph hordes. You can also upgrade your battle gear and level up your character as time goes by. Cold Iron Studios developed and published Aliens Fireteam. The release date was set at August 24, 2021.

Aliens Fireteam elite Patch Notes



  • Fixed rare issue that caused some players to lose progress and not have access to some base Class Kits. While we are still looking for solutions for the impacted players, we have implemented a fix that should stop this issue from ever happening.



Get the free Aliens Fireteam Elite 1.27 patch for your PC (Steam).

Aliens Fireteam Elite Crossplay Pc Xbox

Crossplay is an option for Xbox and PC users. Aliens Fireteam elite currently offers crossplay for Steam and Xbox. We will keep you informed of any updates. This game is now cross-generational. You can play with your Xbox 1 and any friends who also play the Xbox series. Crossplay is possible for all modes of this game.

Aliens Fireteam Elite Gameplay

The game was played in 2202. The Colonial Marine role is played by the players on the UAS Endeavor. There are 7 characters in the game, ranging from the gunner to recon. There are 3 missions and 4 story campaigns. You play as a player accompanied by two allies, who can be controlled by AI or other players.

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