Ajooni 19th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Ravindra wants to kill Ajooni

Ajooni nineteenth November 2022 Written Episode, Written Replace on Apkahindiblog

Scene 1
Ajooni involves Rajveer and asks why did you do all that? Rajveer says I needed to kill Harvinder. Ajooni says you might be mendacity, I consider you. Rajveer says I relied on you too however you probably did all that proper? Ajooni says what? Rajveer says I’m positive you probably did all that for my love so I took the blame on myself. Ajooni says I used to be no longer at the back of anything else. Rajveer says all proofs had been in opposition to you, I discovered your handbag within the lodge too. Harman hides and hears all that. Rajveer says I can take the blame for you. If I didn’t take the blame then Ravindra would have killed you. Ajooni shouts then you will have let me die. Harman hears all that and leaves. Ajooni cries and says when you don’t consider me then you will have let me die. Rajveer says I will be able to do anything else for you. Ajooni says however you’ll’t consider me? we could make a decision about this your method. She brings a whip and begins hurting herself. Rajveer tries to prevent her however she says you don’t consider me proper? I didn’t do anything else.. Rajveer says all proofs are in opposition to you. Ajooni says the ones proofs may also be created. My recording was once used however any individual needed to file that phase handiest? And the way come handiest that telephone was once stored from the coincidence? Rajveer says I had a doubt however I consider you, I can to find out who’s at the back of all this. I gained’t spare that Shikha now. He leaves from there.

Aman is cooking within the kitchen luckily. Chanku comes there and is puzzled. Aman says I’m cooking for Harvinder, he should be coming again quickly. Chanku leaves from there.

Ravindra is sitting unfortunately when Harman comes there and asks what’s he pondering? Ravindra says I don’t know who’s mendacity or telling the reality anymore. Aman comes there and asks Harman to name Harvinder. I’ve cooked for him as he should be coming again quickly. Harman says he’s by no means coming again. Ravindra says he’s lifeless. Aman says don’t say all that. I gained’t spare any person announcing all that for my husband. Harman takes Aman from there. Harman asks Aman to care for herself. Aman says you might be speaking about your son’s loss of life? Harman slaps her and says he’s lifeless. Ajooni comes there and says don’t torture her. Harman says that is all going down as a result of you, you’ve killed Harvinder. I do know Rajveer took the blame for you however I gained’t spare you. She leaves from there. Aman asks Ajooni if she killed Harvinder? Ajooni cries and says no, I didn’t do anything else. I didn’t kill him. Aman strikes clear of her. Ajooni cries and leaves.

Harman involves Ravindra and asks if he’s k? He says the entirety is destroyed. Harman says Aman has a psychological trauma. He says I will be able to’t consider that Rajveer killed Harvinder. Harman says as a result of that’s a lie, Ajooni is at the back of all that. I heard them speaking. Rajveer discovered the proofs in opposition to Ajooni so he took the blames on himself to save lots of her. Ravindra asks if she is telling the reality? She says sure. Ravindra says I beat Rajveer such a lot when its all Ajooni? I gained’t spare her now.

Ravindra involves Ajooni and slaps her onerous. He says you noticed me beating Rajveer however by no means approved your crime? Ajooni says I didn’t do anything else. Harman says you killed Harvinder and let Rajveer take the blame? Ajooni says Rajveer and I are each blameless. Ravindra says I don’t consider you anymore, I can kill you.

Rajveer meets his pals who offers him a letter.

Ravindra calls the circle of relatives. He places an apple on Ajooni’s head and issues a gun at her. She is scared.

PRECAP – Ravindra issues a gun at Ajooni however Rajveer comes there and stands in entrance of her. Ravindra says you’ve a brand new drama? Rajveer says I wish to finish this drama now.

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