Ajooni 10.11.2022 Written Update Ajooni responds appropriately to Bebe

The episode starts when Ajooni meeting Karuna. Karuna introduces her to Karuna. She informs her of Aman Harvinder’s problem. Karuna states that there was a mistake when it came to Aman however they cannot take on Baggas. Ajooni threatens to file a the organization a complaint. Karuna demands that she sit. However, Harvinder says that he will not let go of Ajooni. Shikha informs him that he cannot do anything. She is rude to him. He informs her that she shouldn’t be able to stop him.

Later, Harvinder is attempting to choke Aman. Ajooni and Karuna arrive. Ajooni informs Karuna she had informed her that Harvinder is planning to murder Aman. Bebe and Harman arrives at the scene. Bebe inquires Harvinder what are these women. Karuna says they are women’s groups. She wants Harvinder to admit his guilt or she’ll call the Police. Bebe scolds her. She asks Harvinder the person who called them. Ajooni states that she contacted them to aid Aman. They also witnessed the way Harvinder attempted to murder Aman. She tells Bebe that Harvinder took Aman’s signature on divorce papers and delivered Shikha to the magistrate’s office.

Bebe is smacking Harvinder. She demands Karuna to leave since it’s their family’s issue. She warns her not to intervene in the family’s affairs. Karuna wants to know what happens if it occurs again. Bebe assures her that it will not repeat. Karuna and other women leave from there. Harvinder takes the blame and blames Aman on everything. Harman is scolding Harvinder. Bebe is begging Chamko to bring a stick. She instructs Harman to beat Harvinder with a stick. Harman beat Harvinder up. She warns him not to be a threat to her. He flees from the scene.

Bebe is scolding Ajooni for inviting women group women to their home. Bebe tries to hit her, but she is stopped by her hand. Ajooni informs her she’ll not accept this kind of behavior anymore. She claims that Bebe has reprimanded Harvinder repeatedly, but did not make recourse to the punishment. She wants to know what is the assurance that Harvinder will not repeat his mistakes. She picks up Aman to the airport.

After a few minutes, Aman goes to Harvinder’s room, where she finds a medicine box. Harvinder scolds her. Harman is there. She informs Aman to go to bed together with Ajooni today. She says Ravinder and Rajveer are staying away from the home. Aman departs from there. Harman apply ointment to Harvinder’s wound. She tells him she beat him to show her resentment towards Harvinder. She states that she will manage Ajooni. He then asks her what happens to Aman. She informs her Aman is not a threat. Aman is not an enemy.

On the next day, the party king encounters Ajooni. He informs her that he didn’t attempt to kill Rajveer through changing an bow. He requests her to rescue Rajveer, and then leaves the scene. She travels to a resort, and discovers Harvinder’s petty crimes. She intends to expose Harvinder by revealing his confession. In the meantime, women’s groups are protesting against Baggas. Ravinder is asking Karuna to explain what has happened. Karuna says that they had a complaint about violent domestic abuse against Baggas.

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