A Street Accident Paragraph in 100 to 500 words – For SSC Exam and Class 5th to 12th

How to write a paragraph on street accident? This question has been asked many times in examinations. If you are reading in class 5th, 6th, 7th, or even in 12th, you don’t need to worry. Here you will get your answer. Just copy paste it and impress your teacher or examiner. He/ She will definitely give you full marks.

See, street accidents or road accidents are somewhere similar. Still, I will mention both paragraphs separately. Just continue reading the article and one request! Share it with your known ones too.

By reading this, you will know about a street accident paragraph for ssc exam and for class 5th to 12th students. The paragraph will include 100 to 500 words. Two main paragraphs include, A Street Accident Paragraph and A Road Accident Paragraph.

Now, here are some conditions. You can also see them in questions. All are answered below.

  1. Write a paragraph about ‘An Accident’ you witnessed. Your paragraph should include the answers to the following questions.
  2. What is an accident?
  3. Have you witnessed an accident?
  4. When and where was the accident?
  5. How did the accident occur?
  6. Who was the victim of the accident?
  7. What did the people do?
  8. What did you do then?
  9. What was your reaction at last?
  10. What is a road accident in short?
  11. What are the main causes of a road accident?
  12. When did the accident take place?
  13. Where did this accident occur?
  14. What did you do after the accident?

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A Street Accident Paragraph – For SSC Students(200 Words Approx)

A road accident is a traumatic and unintentional accident caused by cars driving on the streets. In recent times, it is an everyday occurrence. Every day we read the reports of road accidents in the newspapers.

A few recent days, a terrible accident occurred right before my eyes in Lakkar Mandi Janipur. I was walking on the road. I noticed that a car was approaching at a fast speed. At once, I saw a teenage boy taking a walk.

He was very negligent and didn’t notice that trucks were moving at this speed. The truck driver tried to stop his truck, but when the boy fell, he was thrown down. A large crowd of people came to the scene. I ran over to the boy and found that he was in shock. Blood was flowing all over the street.

I carried the injured child into a car and advised the driver to go toward Theka Dawakhana. The nurses and doctors took charge of the boy. It is of deep regret that he passed away there. I couldn’t bear to look at the scene. I went home with a heavy heart.

A Street Accident Paragraph – For Class 5th to 12th Students(200 words)

Our country, India, is over-populated. The roads in our country are also busy. Thus, accidents on the streets are becoming quite commonplace within our nation. The majority of the time, accidents happen because of careless driving.

Every day we read the news about many road accidents in India in the newspapers. This is a sad day for everyone in this country due to a massive death in a single day. It is tragic for families affected by accidents.

A road accident is an unwelcome and unpleasant incident caused by various vehicles moving along the streets. In recent times, it’s become a frequent occurrence in India. Every day we read the stories of road accidents appearing in the daily papers.

It is transported by trucks, buses, taxis, rickshaws, taxis, etc. The number of people using it is growing every day. It is a massive problem in India. Every year due to road accidents. Most accidents happen in urban regions.

There are many causes of accidents on the road. Inexperienced driving by drivers is the primary factor behind the accident. The inattention of the population is the reason for increased road accidents.

The majority of drivers aren’t willing to adhere to traffic laws. However, pedestrians are also engaged. The government should take appropriate steps to stop street accidents and road accidents. This is vital for our country.

A Road Accident Paragraph | Paragraph on A Road Accident for SSC and School Students(200 Words)

Unskilled driving, inexperienced motorists, mechanical malfunctions and other mechanical failures are the leading causes of road crashes. As an aside, I was witness to a fatal road accident. It was a cold winter morning in the year 2000. My walk was to school.

In one instance, I saw a person walking along the road. The man was seeking to walk to the opposite side of the road. His gait was erratic, which suggested that he was new to the city.

In a tense state, the man tried on several occasions to get across the street; however, each time, he was unsuccessful. In a desperate state, the man began to sprint over the roadway. He was not thinking about what could befall him. I was anxious, thinking about the imminent danger.

Unfortunately, I was too away to stop him from doing it. It was then that the horrible thing took place. The man was thrown down by a raging minibus, and, even more brutally, another minibus was trampled on the victim’s body.

I was overcome with sadness. It was a miracle that I made it to school but could not focus on my classes. The traumatising scenes of the incident haunt me to this day.

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A Street Accident Paragraph – Frequently Asked Questions

Note: If you want a 500+ word Street Accident paragraph or Road Accident, you can combine both of them and add some faqs to your answer.

Which are three types of accidents that can happen in the street?

  • Over Speeding
  • Drunken Driving
  • Distraction to Driver

How do you avoid the accident?

  • Be aware of the roadway
  • Don’t use your phone for any reason.
  • Don’t alter CDs.
  • Never drink and drive.
  • Do not enter construction areas.
  • Be aware of speed limits.
  • Respect all rules and regulations of driving.

What is the most effective method to avoid accident-related injuries?

  • Learn to develop a positive attitude towards driving.
  • Practice as much under supervision driving as you can.
  • Always wear a safety belt.
  • The use of alcohol and drugs by underage drinkers is a crime.
  • Limit your passengers.
  • Be careful when driving at night.

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