A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special Chapter 204 Release Date: Joker vs. Romantica

A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 204 continues after getting delayed for a week. Desir Arman vs. Desir Arman vs. They reach Desir’s place, but the Joker stops them. Joker vs. Romantica is set in the human realm, as the Joker blocks the Underworld’s path.

Desir, who is a powerful puncher in the Underworld realizes that they were both born commoners but have different ideas. He realizes they share the same path and become genius magicians. They also strive to help commoners. 

Desir takes a deep breath, and then realizes that they are going to be fighting. Desir is shocked when Icarus arrives and strikes a hard blow. Desir knows that after the scores are settled it will be revealed who’s dream came true. Icarus and he have different dreams. One wants to save the planet, the other wants to make the world equal. Icarus pins Desir to the ground and warns him to give up since he has no future in this world, and his dream won’t become a reality.

Desir realizes they don’t have time to talk and can only talk using punches. Icarus reminds him that he has done everything for the world and won’t lose to anyone who hasn’t. Desir thinks he is talking BS, so Icarus takes off the red veil to expose it and throws it in the air. He spoke about his determination and desire to end this battle, as they had talked too much and no one is right or wrong. Icarus’s body has regenerated due to his demonic powers, and Desir realizes he is left with a little mana. 

The Masked Demon Icarus

Previously on A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 203

Desir promises to save the world by defeating Icarus. Icarus thinks Desir is a liar who speaks big. Desir counters that Icarus, on the other hand, is a weak bastard. Icarus is amazed at Desir’s new powers. Icarus was able to land heavy punches on Desir’s face, which made him bleed. Icarus tries not to fall back, but he continues to get powerful strikes. He was able to push Desir who had lost his balance. Icarus questions Desir about his decision to risk his life, and continues to speak of the commoners. They both get up from the ground and continue their lectures about life. 

Desir shows the difference between Nobles versus commoners. Icarus is furious that Desir forgives the nobles and chooses to work alongside them, even though he’s a commoner. Icarus sees that Nobles had mistreated the commoners in past times, and he was also one of those mistreated. Desir tells me why Desir worked with nobles. Icarus would like the nobles to pay their sins and for commoners to reign where nobles will serve them. Desir sees that the world would be blinded if Icarus made the same decision. 

Desir and Icarus stop fighting g to talk about the possible changes. Desir speaks out about a peaceful, non-violent world that he will protect forever and where everyone can live happily. Desir and Icarus are different from each other, but Icarus acknowledges it. He wakes up realizing that Desir and he have some special things to protect. Joker vs. Romantica escalates to a new level with the exchange of powerful spells. Joker attacks Romantica, her friends. Joker sends Romantica and her friends flying. The scene cuts to the Underworld. 



A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 204 Release Date

A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 204 will be released on 28 September 2022. Desir, Icarus and their surroundings have been destroyed. However, Icarus has unlock another level of Demon powers. Desir sees that Icarus is now a Demon Skeleton and realizes that this battle will continue. In the next chapter, the double battle continues. You can check A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 204 details below. 

Read A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 204 Online – Raw Details

You can read A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 204 online on official websites. A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 204 returned after being delayed for a week, but the next two chapters will be released in a row. Let’s meet after A Returner’s Magic-Should Be Special Chapter 204 is released. 

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