7th Heaven Where Are They Now, 7th Heaven Cast Now 2022

7th Heaven, Where Are They Now

7th Heaven aired on the CW and the WB from August 1996 to May 2007. It’s about the struggles of a farmer wife and their attempts to raise a large family. Stephen Collins played Eric Camden, while Catherine Hicks played Annie Camden. They were the leading couple in the drama. Barry Watson played Matt, Jessica Biel played Mary and David Gallagher played Simon. Mackenzie Rosman played Ruthie. Lorenzo Brino was Sam. Nikolas Brino was David. 7th Heaven Cast is a long-standing series that aired 11 seasons and 243 episodes. The characters had an unbreakable connection while filming the show. The Stephen Collins Molestation Scandal led to the show’s cancellation.


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Cast of the 7th Heaven

S.No. Cast of the 7th Heaven
1 Stephen Collins
2 Catherine Hicks
3 Barry Watson
4 David Gallagher
5 Jessica Biel
6 Beverley Mitchell
7 Mackenzie Rosman
8 Happy the Dog
9 Chaz Lamar Shepherd
10 Maureen Flannigan
11 Adam LaVorgna
12 Nikolas Brino
13 Lorenzo Brino
14 Geoff Stults
15 Ashlee Simpson
16 Rachel Blanchard
17 Jeremy London
18 Scotty Leavenworth
19 Tyler Hoechlin
20 Sarah Thompson
21 Haylie Duff
22 Megan Henning

7th Heaven: Where is the Cast Now?

People who were once a WB viewer, would know that it has been 25 years, since the show 7th Heaven ended in 2007, and to know about ‘7th Heaven’ Where’s the Cast Now. The premiere of 7th Heaven was on August 26, 1996. Children who played in the series were between the ages of 30 and 40. 7th Heaven, a series created by Brenda Hampton and executive produced by Aaron Spelling, aired 11 seasons. Ten seasons of the series were telecasted on The WB while one season was telecasted on The CW. Stephen Colins’ behavior caused it to be cancelled. Scroll down to see the 7th Heaven cast for 2022.

What is the ‘7th Heaven’?

7th Heaven was an American family drama that lasted up to 11 seasons. This was a long time for a television drama. The characters eventually got along with each other and formed an unbreakable bond while filming the drama. It has been 25 years since the filming ended in 2007. Let’s look at What Is The ‘7th Heaven’ Cast Up To Now.

Stephen Collins, Then & Now

Stephen Collins played Eric Camden in 7th Heaven. Stephen Collins, 74, is currently not active in the entertainment industry. He was accused of having sexually abused a minor in 2014. People magazine interviewed him about his inappropriate sexual conduct with three minors in 1973-1982, 1994 and 1994. Collins’ life is not that much known today.

Catherine Hicks, Then & Now

Catherine Hicks was Annie Camden’s mother in the family drama. Most recently, she was seen in ‘The Dog Who saved Easter’ in 2014. Hicks, 70, has been more active in television in recent years and had some films in 2020. She voiced the role of Fairy in the adult animated horror-comedy JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales.

Barry Watson, Then & Now

Barry Watson is well-known for his work in family films and television shows, such as his role as Matthew “Matt” Camden on 7th Heaven. Barry Watson is 47 years old today and is well-known for his roles in family films and television shows. In 2019, he starred in the family adventure film A Dog’s Way Home and will be seen in the superhero drama Naomi.

Jessica Biel, Then & Now

Jessica Biel was Mary Camden’s character on 7th Heaven. She is now 40 years of age and married Justin Timberlake. Together, they have two children. Jessica Biel is currently seen in Shock and Awe 2017 as Lisa. She also appears in an episode of Scooby-Doo animated television program, where she voiced herself.

Beverley Mitchell, Then & Now

Beverley Mitchel played Lucy Camden in the family drama. Mitchell, now 41, was featured in Candy Cane Christmas. Mitchell also had a musical career in the 2000s, but has not released an album.

David Gallagher: Then and Now

David Gallagher was Simon Camden in the long-running Tv series. The actor, who is 37 years old, recently appeared on the drama series S.W.A.T. He plays Riku in Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory 2020.


7th Heaven cast 2022

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