7 Movies Like Me Time You Must See

Netflix’s ‘Me Time’ is a buddy comedy film written and directed by John Hamburg. It is about Sonny, a stay home dad who makes it possible to find some personal time during the absence of his wife and children. When Sonny reunites with Huck, his longtime best friend, it forms a recipe for disaster that upends Sonny’s entire life.

Regina Hall, Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Hart and Mark Hart are the main characters in this movie. We know you enjoyed the funny misadventures and the unique relationship between the two lead characters. We have compiled a list of similar movies for you. You can watch most of these movies like ‘Me TIme’ on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu!

7. Spenser Confidential (2020).

‘Spenser Confidential‘ is an action comedy film directed by Peter Berg. It tells the story of Spenser who is a former Boston detective and returns to Boston to solve the horrifying murders that two cops committed. It is based on author Robert B. Parker’s fictional private investigator of the same name, who is also the subject of novels and television movies. Mark Wahlberg plays the leading role in the film, which features light comedy moments and an action-packed story. As a result, the movie is in complete contrast to ‘Me Time’ but still holds some familiar visual elements.

6. Keanu (2016)

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‘Keanu’ (also known as ‘Cat Boys’) is a buddy comedy film directed by Peter Atencio. The story centers on two cousins who attempt to steal their kitten from a gang. The film stars iconic comedy duo Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key, and their on-screen dynamic will remind viewers of Sonny and Huck from ‘Me Time.’ The movie is a loose parody of the hit action movie ‘John Wick‘ and viewers hungry for more action in a buddy comedy after watching ‘Me Time’ will enjoy ‘Keanu.’

5. Grown Ups (2010)

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Directed by Dennis Dugan, ‘Grown Ups‘ is a comedy film. It stars Adam Sandler as Lenny Feder (Kurt McKenzie), Kurt McKenzie, Marcus Higgins and Rob Hilliard as childhood best buddies. Years later, after taking different paths in life the friends reunite for a family vacation. Like ‘Me TIme,’ the movie stars popular comedians and explores the theme of balancing personal time with family life. It is also a comedy extravaganza featuring Sandler, James and Rock as well as Spade, who each bring their standup comedy sensibilities into the story.

4. I Love You, Man (2009)

‘I Love You, Man‘ is a comedy movie starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel in the lead roles. Rudd portrays Peter Klaven, an unfriended real estate agent who is looking for the perfect man to marry him. When Peter meets Sydney Fife (Segel), the two become fast friends, but their newfound bond strains Peter’s relationship with his fiance. The premise will remind viewers of ‘Me Time’ as Sydney and Huck both serve as negative influences on the seemingly perfect lives of Peter and Sonny. Rudd and Segel’s on-screen dynamic drastically differs from Hart and Wahlberg’s in ‘Me Time.’ Nonetheless, both films are directed by John Hamburg.

3. Ted (2012)

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‘Ted’ is a comedy film that marks the directorial debut of Seth MacFarlane. It’s about John Bennett, a Bostonian who discovers Ted is his teddy bear friend. However, Ted’s presence prevents John and his girlfriend, Lori Collins, from progressing in their relationship. The presence of a live teddy bear is one of the most bizarre premises in buddy comedy. It makes for some funny moments. Moreover, the trope of a friendship straining the protagonist’s relationship with their significant other is common between ‘Ted’ and ‘Me Time.’ Moreover, both movies star Mark Wahlberg making it a treat for the actor’s fans.

2. Central Intelligence (2016)

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If you thought Kevin hart and Mark Wahlberg’s on-screen chemistry as BFFs is electric in ‘Me Time,’ we would recommend ‘Central Intelligence.’ The buddy action comedy film is directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and stars Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson as childhood best friends, Calvin Joyner and Bob Stone. The duo is caught in a criminal conspiracy after Stone’s CIA mission goes awry. The hilarious and heartfelt movie powered by Hart and Johnson’s performances matches ‘Me Time’ punch for punch in action and comedy.

1. Night School (2017)

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‘Night School’ is a buddy comedy film directed by Malcolm D. Lee. After accidentally setting fire to his office, Teddy Walker finds himself in a night school. Walker must deal with a diverse group of students and teachers at night school, which leads to hilarious downturns. The movie is co-written by ‘Me Time’ director John Hamburg and stars Kevin Hart in the lead role. The script is filled with crisp jokes and tooled to serve the comedic style of Hart, much like ‘Me Time.’ Moreover, it also features a strong supporting cast featuring Tiffany Haddish, Rob Riggle, and Keith David. Therefore, ‘Night School’ takes the top spot on this list!

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