5 Signatures Mistakes You’re Making Without Even Realizing It


A signature is the representation of one’s self by using written letters. It’s an informal method to showcase your skills to the world. Signatures are a type of Energy that is unique to each person. There are various kinds of Signature, and If I write about Different Types of Signature alone, it will take about 25-30 blog posts on Signatures.

Signature Analysis is a science and art to discover the hidden abilities of humans. Handwriting Science, also known by the name of GRAPHOLOGY, comprises major components like Handwriting Analysis and Signature Analysis.

I will show you the process of creating and using a signature. It is a kind of form. We all begin creating or copying signatures on our own or at the elegant Signatures of parents, Teachers, or Celebrities. However, does copying a Signature make us better than we think or would like to be?

Why do we copy Signatures?

I’ve analyzed thousands and various types of Signatures the over the past five years and understood that Signatures have their significance. If we want to replicate the Signature, it implies that we desire to possess certain abilities and characteristics of humans, and that is why I find high school students in India duplicate their parents’ or teachers’ signatures due to two motives The impression it creates by their character at an unconscious level desire for a character with certain qualities.

How Is Signature Formed?

Similar to the case with the Human child is born from Sperm and Ova, like the Signature and handwriting are created and incubated throughout the human body through Specific energy levels of Father and Mother, known as ZERO and ONE. ZERO is referred to as Female Energy, while one is considered Male Energy.

ZERO Energy consists of Love affections, love, and strategy-making as well as the Creation of fresh ideas and the development of unique ideas. In essence, female Energy is the result of Creation, while one Energy is composed of action execution, giving shape to the concepts and the growth of the structure. ZERO Energy is an Outer structure that is not complete without ZERO Energy. Therefore, in Hindu mythology, the balance between ZERO and One Energy is illustrated through the Lord Ardha-Nareshwar (Shiva and Shakti) as a combination of half male and half-female body that depicts the balance of Energy.

The Father-Mother-Thoughts begin to develop within the child ( in this case, it doesn’t matter if it’s Foster Parents or Biological Parents ). The thoughts begin to form the shape because of the energy mix of One and Zero ( it can vary in an inverse ratio, such as 1:1, 2:1, or even 1:2 ) according to the environment and growth of the infant.

The formation of the parent’s thoughts affects the brain’s neurons, so the collision occurs. Through the Neural pathway, these thoughts are shaped and imprinted into the shape of graphs, which are known as letters to us.

When these letters are created into a Signature, it automatically creates categories of three parts: Self, Father, and Mother. So, I’ll say Signature is composed of the structures as mentioned earlier.

What is Ideal Signature(s) :

As I mentioned, there are more than 50 kinds of Signature patterns; each person has their unique style or type of Signature. When it comes to the perfect Signature, there is a pattern or style of an ideal Signature. I strongly believe there isn’t a perfect Signature as every person is unique and has their strengths, which is why they have a Signature.

Because the various types of Signature have been listed for a long time, when I write about the various types of Signature that will generate the blog to be 5000 words, I’ll list five types of mistakes you should avoid when it comes to Signature.

5 Errors to Avoid in Signature

Cutting of Signature: One should be careful not to cut any letter of the Signature because it could break or cut the letter, regardless of whether it’s the initial letter or closing part of the Signature, which causes a lot of pressure on the person. In this way, you’re cutting off a barrier to the Signature.

Underscore: The word “underscore” in Signatures means putting an underline under the Signature. This indicates the level of confidence and ability to manage stressful situations in life, professionally or personally. If someone draws a line twice beneath the Signature, this indicates that there isn’t enough confidence to deal with the situation. It also suggests that there are to be trust issues throughout the person’s life.

Signatures with Baselines: Baseline refers to the lines that a person starts as a base .viz whether it’s not ruled or not, the baselines represent the person’s aim. Therefore, one must draw straight lines when writing or making a Signature. This helps to make the writer clear of thought and goal-oriented.

Cutting of the letters in the Lower zone: The letters covering the Lower Zone of the Signature must not be cut. The illustration that shows the letter F is provided in my earlier blog about Suicide. The lower part of the zone is composed of letters y and G; when cut, either through an amalgamation of letters or through an underline ( underline ), your desire for material remains unfulfilled. In another way, your actions are based on steady motion. Thus the work is not completed, and it does not have a very high success rate.

Pen Flick in Signatures: In Graphology, we call Pen Flick a Club Stroke as the last stroke of the letter, which is normally on the right side of the letter, creates an eroding the stoke ( Diminish stroke refers to the letter ending with smaller letters and less and uneven of ink flow ) thus that the level of Energy for a person I am observing is declining and the efficiency of the work is becoming more and more difficult.

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