365 Days 2 Ending Explained: Is Laura Really Dead?

The ending of 365 Days 2 can send chills down your spine. Let us tell you the story. This is an erotic thriller film about romance set in the Italian crime scene. It is a sequel of the original 365 Days film. It is the second part to the film trilogy. The project was directed by Barbara Bialowas, Tomasz Mandes, and Tomasz Mandes. It was released on Netflix in April 2022. It received a negative reaction compared to the original film. The film was too slow and featured unnecessary sex scenes. The film’s themes were heavily criticised for glorifying mafia culture. The film was a commercial success, even though it was released at the Polish box-office.

We return to the plot of the film and see that Massimo is about to marry Laura. In flashback, we see that Laura has lost her baby due to the car accident she had with Massimo. The couple enjoy a happy marriage, but things quickly turn sour. Massimo provides everything for Laura, so she has nothing to do. Massimo is also busy and cannot give Laura his full attention.

Here is Massimo’s gardener, Massimo. Laura is attracted to him horribly. Massimo and Laura meet up at Christmas and begin to converse. He tells Laura he has a brother, but he doesn’t go any further. Massimo leaves furiously, angering Laura for not knowing about it.

Nacho 365 Days 2: A still



Massimo hosts a party at home a few days later. Laura sees him with Anna, his exgirlfriend. This was the final straw for her and she ran off with Nacho. Laura leaves the valley after informing Olga, her mother, and Olga her best friend. Nacho and Laura go to a beachhouse on an island ownedby Nacho.

She asks him how can he afford such a grand house at a gardener’s salary. He tells Laura that his parents are wealthy but not him. Massimo begins a search to find Laura, but to no avail. His brother returns to Massimo asking for a share of the Toricelli family business. It turns out they are twins. Adriano Toricelli was the one who looked like Massimo.

365 Days 2 Ending explained

Soon Nacho informs Laura that he is the child of a rival mafia gang and that they want to reach Massimo through Laura. She feels betrayed but nevertheless, accompanies him to his father’s house, where Massimo has also come to settle a deal with Laura as the leverage. It turns out Nacho left her with wrong guards. Anna and Adriano take her to Massimo, who plot to kill her if Massimo refuses to give up his territory.

Chaos breaks out when Nacho and Massimo struggle to save Laira, who is being held captive by Anna and Adriano. Massimo is in turmoil and desperately trying to save Laira. Meanwhile, shots are being fired, and Adriano is shot in the stomach. Anna tries running from Anna, but she shoots Anna in her gut. Anna tries shooting Massimo as well, after Massimo’s blood loss. But Nacho shoots Anna before Anna can and then goes away. This is where the film ends.

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