20 Anime Like Domestic Girlfriend That You Should Watch

Many anime fans have wondered about similar anime series since the ending of Domestic Girlfriend. You asked and here we are. 

For those who don’t know, Domesutikku na Kanojo, also known as Domestic Girlfriend, is a Japanese manga series that aired from January to March 2019. Kei Sasuga wrote and illustrated it. The story is about Natsuo Fuiji falling in love with Hina. Hina is his teacher. To not let his feelings get in the way and to be able to move on, he attends a mixer where he meets Rui Tachibana.

Rui and Natsuo have a one-night affair in which he bids farewell to his virginity. To make the situation worse and to bring the most exciting part to the anime- we learn that Natsuo’s dad wants to remarry, and the woman he wishes to marry just so happens to be the mother of both Hina and Rui. Yes, that’s right! Hina is a sister to Rui.

If the plot is somewhat your type of anime or you’re looking for other animes with plots like this, so we have got you covered. We are all familiar with the concept of forbidden love in anime. It is also a source of comfort. This will make it exciting to see how anime stories that have similar themes to Natsuo. From forbidden love to complex love triangle situations – you have come to the right place. 

Kuzu No Honkai 

A couple can be happy and committed, but they are often emotionally vulnerable and sad. Kuzu No Honkai is the story of Hanabi Yasuraoka (pictured above) and Mugi Alwaya (pictured below). They seem like the perfect pair. Their only commonality is the sadness of not being with their true love. Both of them have fallen for someone they can’t have. 

Mugi and Hanabi have a time together, to avoid the lonely feeling of being apart. To avoid jealousy and sadness, the former couple gets into a relationship. The 12-episode anime series was broadcast in 2017. It featured a similar plot theme to Domestic Girlfriend and the sadness of unrequited loves. 

My First Girlfriend Is a Gal 

Junichi Hashiba, a freshman in high school, regrets not having a girlfriend. He watches his friends in class pairing up with Junichi Hashiba. To fulfill his long desire to be in a relationship, his friends force him to ask out Yukana Yame, “a beautiful gal”. Yukana somehow agrees to date him, and that’s when the trouble begins. Most of the girls in his school suddenly start noticing Junichi, and so do Ranko Honjō- Yukana’s friend, and Nene Fujinoki- Junichi’s neighbor. 

My Girlfriend is a gal

The anime aired ten episodes in 2017. It has a similar plot that involves love triangles and being able to love someone far away without actually having them. Crunchyroll should be a good place to find this anime.

Gotoubun no Hanayome

The 2019 winter anime offers a slightly different plot than the usual animes. Fuutarou Uesugi is a typical high school student but has a hard life at home. With his “polite” personality and reclusive nature, he doesn’t have any friends, and with his father in debt- he faces even a worse life by barely making it through. Through tutoring high school students, he can earn a wage five times that of the market. 

The Quintessential Quintuplets

Unfortunately, the woman he must teach is a female student transfer student. He had a disliking argument and now he has to not only teach her, but also her 4 sisters, Nino, Ichika and Yotsuba. It would seem an easy task for anyone, but the students are actually adamant about not studying and rather flunk, which puts Uesugi’s need for money in line. Thus, he must get the sisters to study and lead them to graduation so as to ease his father’s economical condition. The anime’s 12-episode run has many surprises for fans. 


If you’re a fan of love triangles, this anime is worth checking out. Ryuji Tasu is a high-school student who has a gentle, compassionate personality. But his appearance makes him seem like an evil, ruthless person. Taiga Aisaka is found in a fallen house.

Taiga is Ryuji’s opposite. She has a small stature, but a loud personality and a violent temper. Ryuji must take care of Taiga, an innocent girl who is always up for a fight. What brings them together to help each other with their love life is their crush on each other’s best friends.

Toradora 1

The anime has 25 episodes. It is considered to be more honest and innocent than Domestic Girlfriend. However, the innocence and warmth of the characters will make you feel lighter.

Yosuga no Sora

Another anime with twins in the main cast. Haruka Kasugano is returning home with his twin sister Sora to the small rural town where he was their grandfather. After the death of their parents in a tragic car accident, they want to restart their lives and move away from the city. They meet their childhood friends Nao Yorihime and Akira Amatsume. Other characters make an appearance as well.

Yosuga no Sora

However, all doesn’t end well as Haruka starts remembering things to haunt him from his youth. In this quiet silence, a dark secret is revealed to Haruka and the twins. 

You will feel a deep love connection with this anime. It will also leave you with dark emotions, morality, and, most importantly, the true love bond. 

True Love with Nisekoi

You can see the everyday struggles of a couple that is not right for eachother. We have Raku ichijou und Chitoge Kisaki. 

Raku Ichijou is a Bonyari High School first-year student. She is the sole heir of an intimidating yakuza clan. Raku is carrying a pendant with a lock that he has kept for many years, and he searches every day for the girl who can unlock it. Raku must live up to the promise he made to a childhood friend ten years ago. A typical teenager has a crush upon Kosaki Onodera.

False Love

Raku wants nothing to do with his family and wants to lead a normal lifestyle. But when the American Bee Hive Gang invades his family’s turf, Raku’s romantic dreams are sacrificed to pretend instead to be in a romantic relationship with Chitoge Kirisaki, the daughter of the Bee Hive’s chief.

Both of them will fall in love at first sight, which is exactly how ice and water looks. But in order to maintain the city’s peace, he has to fall for the enemy and not get involved with any girls of his past. He must stop his search for the girl with the key to the heart and lock. But will he succeed? This is more difficult said than done. 

Love And Lies

The anime is a mature and unique form of romance. It is excited about the idea of forbidden romance as the plot centers around finding and receiving a compatible spouse from the government. The compatibility calculation determines the plot. Yukari Takasaki and Misaki Takasaki are young lovers. However, if one fails to follow the rules, they will face consequences. Both characters are in love but fate fails them, as Yukari is assigned Ririna Sanada. 

Love and Lies

What makes the anime even more exciting is that Ririna Sanada becomes infatuated with the idea of the illicit affair with Yukari. If you enjoy D, the complicated mixture of love and lies is the perfect anime for romance.The omestic Girlfriend.

Town where you can live


Town where you can live is the perfect anime for you if you’re into storytelling. Released in 2013, the anime deals with the long-distance Haruto Kirishima and Yuzuki Eba’s relationship and finding comfort in other people. The story will show the vast difference between the peaceful setting of Tokyo’s countryside and the chaotic city life. They are forced to question their relationships, breakups, and other feelings as they spend time apart. 

Kiss Kiss


Based on a PlayStation 2 dating simulation game, the anime of 2007 is based. After spending a few years in France, Mao Mizusawa returned to Japan and reunited with Kouichi Sanada, her childhood friend. Mao’s surprise is that she can live in the same house with Kouichi. These young lovers are able to experience the difficulties they face in school with the spices of young love. There is also a love polygon that you can enjoy and swoon about, as a surprise to weebs! This anime has 24 episodes and is very enjoyable for Domestic Girlfriend fans. 


Kazuya Kinashita, a college student aged 20, believes that it is fortunate that his amazing girlfriend Mami Nanami is still there for him. He is then left feeling miserable when she abruptly breaks up with him. To get over this sadness and loneliness, he “rents” a girl- Chizuru Mizuhara, through an online app.

Rent a girlfriend

Kazuya, however, believes that Chizuru’s personality is a fake to play with his heart and rates her poorly after hearing about the experiences of other customers who had shared similar experiences with her. Chizuru starts to dislike him and reveals her fiery temper. But when they find out that Kazuya’s grandmother is ill, they pretend to be lovers just to keep her healthy and satisfied. 

Kazuya is still struggling to keep up with his feelings for Mami Nanami, and with the revelations of his fakeness with his rental girlfriend. 


Keita Suminoe meets his step-sisters, twins Ako & Riko. After their meeting, it is evident that the twins are more than willing to forgo their familial ties to win Keita’s heart. Now with the end of his middle school, Keita studies so that he can attend Ako and Riko’s high school. His conflicting emotions and the temptation to woo other women are what have gotten him into trouble.

Kiss x sis

If you love forbidden love stories, the Spring anime is worth adding to your watchlist.

Marmalade Boy

Marmalade Boy Follow Miki Koishikawa’s story about falling in love with her stepbrother. Her parents’ complicated divorce experience confuses her. This romantic comedy was very popular in the 1990s and brought joy to many viewers. The story of the forbidden stepbrother and his family is similar to Domestic Girlfriend. You’ll be entertained. 

Marmalande Boy

Please Twins 

Please Twins will be the mystery romance you’ve been longing to see. Maiku Kamishiro was unaware of his history. The only thing he knows about his family’s past is an old photo of two children playing in a pool outside of a blue home. Maiky moves into a blue home to find his family. Two girls from the same photo appear and ask to stay with him. The anime is a mix of comedy and mystery about family relationships and bonds. The characters’ love and adoration for each other is something to behold. 

Please Twins

True Tears

The prodigal boy stayed in the same house that he grew up in. This is something only boys at his school aspired to. But Shinichirou Nakagami was living the “Hiromi Yuasa”. But after Hiromi’s mother passed away, the bright being turned to grieve her and be cold to others. Shinichirou will join forces with Noe Isurugi to help her shed her tears and become the cheerful girl she once was. Shinichirou is the girl known for curse her classmates. This will soon be a reality. Noe can’t cry without tears. There is one girl who could be the perfect candidate! 

True Tears

Golden Time

Banri Tada is amnesic and has no memory of his past or hometown. He makes friends with Mitsuo Yanagisawa and decides to start a new life in Tokyo’s law school. Just as he was beginning to grow, lighting struck again. Kouko Kaga entered his life and brought her own stories to the table.  While the anime has a strong feel of storytelling, it’s not as light-hearted as Domestic Girlfriend. It is more mature than Domestic Girlfriend. 

Golden Time

Sing “Yesterday” For Me

Rikuo Umizumi is a bored man who doesn’t know the future and lives a life of monotony. Haru Nonaka, however, appears to Rikuo Uozumi and he finds it bizarre why she would want to befriend her. He is unaware that even Haru Nonaka feels alone and longs to leave her comfort zone to live a full life. He tries to make amends with his life and reunite with Shinako Morinome, his college friend and crush. Shinako carries her own bags of demons and secrets which aren’t letting her life peacefully with Rikuo. 

Sing yesterday for me

Can they make peace with the past and move forward? Or will the love affair eat another? This show is a must-see. 


Citrus is the forbidden love story. Yuzu Aihara is a great friend and loves to make new friends when she moves to a new district. However, it is more than strange for her to be at an all-girls exclusive school. Her goals are to make new friends, fall for love, and finally experience her first kiss. Mei and Yuzu meet for the first time, Mei kissing Yuzu, despite her cold attitudes towards her. Then Mei runs away.


Is this Yuzu’s start to a forbidden secret? Or is she hiding something from her cold shoulder? Yuzu will find love, despite her dislike for the school. Watch the Winter anime 2018 to find out. 


Eita Kidou has given up on love and the idea of family as he doesn’t trust relations after watching his parent’s marriage fail. He decided to focus on his high school education and forgo the romance of becoming an a physician. Eita, the popular Masuzu Natsukawa, feels dissatisfied. With a similar notion of living as that of him, she asks him to be his fake boyfriend as she has to give up on love after being the object of people’s affection.

He is in trouble because of the fake romance.

Girlfriend or Girlfriend

Naoya is feeling great after Saki Saki, his childhood best friend, accepted one of his many confessions. To ensure that their relationship is strong, he shows effort and showers his new girlfriend with affection. Naoya discovers that Naoya is attracted to another girl, Nagisa Minase.

Girlfriend. Girlfriend

So, he plans on dating both of the girls simultaneously. Both of them are aware of this fact. You must see the comedy of their desire to make their relationship work and spend time together. 

The Garden Of Words

The 2003 anime is the perfect anime to watch if it’s raining outside. Takao, an aspirant shoemaker, skips class to sketch designs in a beautiful park on a rainy day. Yukari Yukino, a mysterious woman who captivates his attention and perhaps even his heart, is there.

The Garden of Words

Takao offers to make her shoes and finds ways to meet her during the rainy season. The two of them create their world together, without having to deal with any other people. Their personal struggles will test their relationship, as the rainy season is ending. There are many secrets still to be discovered. 

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