11 Nov Imlie Written Update: Imlie’s Decision Inspires Atharva

An orphan child A child who is orphaned tells Imlie it feels like he’s with his mother every time he’s with her. He asks her whether she feels the same way with someone. Imlie makes a face at Atharva. Atharva believes that Imlie is an unfinished piece of his life, however Atharva doesn’t have any issues with her.

Imlie claims that she believes Atharva as her mother’s gift that she has always supported. She brings her kids back to the dance floor to dance with the kids. Kids drag Atharva on the dance floor, and quietly tie Imlie’s and his shoe laces. They both slide over and hold each one. Chini is irritated and vents her anger over the smell of vegetables in the kitchen.

Atharva walks over to Chini and asks her what she’s up to. Chini states that she is cooking meals for her children. Atharva wants to know if she cooked entire meals. Chini claims that Imlie’s behavior is like a child, but she has matured from when she was young and took on more responsibility. She cannot afford gifts for her children and cooks her food yearly. Atharva believes that only Imlie is doing this, and is shocked to find her even doing this. Chini insists that people think she isn’t there and think of her as a villain. Atharva didn’t know she cooks, and Imlie didn’t inform her. She is happy to spread happiness to her children.

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11 Nov Imlie Written Update

Atharva claims he loves her and that her food smells good and what was she cooking. Chini becomes anxious thinking that she should have looked over the food for at least. Atharva is asked if it’s something she’s been expecting. Imlie describes the name of food items and states that these are her mom’s favorites.

She inquires Chini what’s she doing in this place. Chini states she is here to collect leaves and water from the area. Atharva attempts to take away Chini. Imlie comes in and tells him that she’d like to hand over Bhaskar Times’ responsibility to Chini What does he think. Atharva believes it’s an excellent idea. Imlie claims she was given this idea. Atharva believes neither Imlie or Chini is right He feels like they are wrong. He believes he has done something wrong to both of them. he must reveal the what is true to Imlie immediately and perform justice to both of them.

Imlie offers gifts to children and takes them to the airport. Shivani phoned her, and demands that she stop not staying at her parents’ home with Atharva following the paghphera ceremony and asks her to take her bag home and go to her home. Imlie stands crying. Atharva arrives towards her. Imlie tells her that Shivani had called and is looking to bring her to return home, therefore she’s packing her bag. Atahrva says he will not take her back to his home and leaves. Imlie is running behind him, and the car is already driven away.

She phoned him and asked him to explain that he erred in leaving her alone and girly. Atharva claims she has given lots of money to his family and other orphan children, but he’s not able to provide anything to her. Imlie claims she doesn’t require any help from him. He suggests it’s better to seek clarification from him, instead of apology. Imlie says she was unable to comprehend what he was saying.

He has faith in love. He says he realizes that his family doesn’t respect her, and she shouldn’t be in a place where she’s not valued and so he left her at her parents’ house; she must apologize to her family members on his behalf and then disconnects the call. Imlie believes Atharva was listening to Shivani’s conservation of her and that she isn’t getting respect from him He gets upset and then leaves without properly speaking to her.

Chini looks on and believes she has been disregarded by her family members due to Imlie and is happy to see people rejecting Imlie. Chini calls rudra and demands to print an article that Chini defeated a powerful businessman. Rudra wants her to clarify. Chini claims that he reunited Arto and Imlie with great difficulty however, Arto has left Imlie. She laughs and believes Arto should not fight with his father and ruin her desire to become wealthy and super-rich.

Atharva is home. Rudra arrives at the door and inquires about Imlie. Atharva states that Imlie hasn’t arrived. Rudra insists that Imlie didn’t show up or have her, so he stops him from entering. Shivani and Keya look on. Rudra questions why he didn’t take Imlie home after the paghphera. Atharva claims that Rudra did not allow him to marry his lover and that the woman he loves is not his and he decided to leave Imlie in the house where she could receive the attention and affection she deserves.

Rudra declares that this home belongs to Imlie and warns Atharva that if he fails to take Imlie back, he’ll not allow him to enter. Atharva insists that he cannot oblige him to be in the same house with Imlie and betray her throughout her life. Rudra says that life is greater than his anger or foolishness and with the help of Imlie Rudra will never face any difficulties throughout his life. Atharva states that if he could believe in his son, even 50 percent of the time, he can trust Imlie He wouldn’t need to declare that Imlie’s help isn’t needed to rectify his mistakes. Rudra shuts the door in his face. Atharva believes that Rudra is his son. He is a bit stubborn, just like Rudra.

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