11 Nov 2022 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update | Akshara arrives late to the party

In the current Episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, we watched Abhimanyu and Manjiri wait for Akshara. They leave , thinking Akshara will arrive at the party’s location. Akshara however is headed to the party, but her tire was punctured.

She changes her tire and is now ready to go. Manjiri is convinced that a second delay could end everything. She’s thinking about what happened to Akshara is. Arohi meets Mahima who tells her that she will help her reach out to Neil and she’ll have assist her.

11 Nov 2022 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update

Akshara arrives at the venue, however, by this time the crowd is gone and Abhimanyu sleeps. Akshara feels guilty and explains to Abhimanyu what she did to make it late. Abhimanyu declares that he’s very hungry. They sat down for dinner together. Akshara is sorry to Abhimanyu repeatedly. She is crying while Abhimanyu takes her hands, and then makes an image of a heart on the napkin. Kuch the song Tune Si Hai Mene Hai Raffu is playing on the back.

Manjiri Manjiri reveals to Shefali she was told that Akshara has kept Shefali and Abhimanyu waiting. She claims that she can see history repeating itself. She is also waiting for her boyfriend in pain and suffering, but she has not said any one. Shefali says that every relationship is unique. The woman asks Manjiri to allow the couple some time. Manjiri states she does not wish for Abhimanyu to be in pain. Akshara is listening the conversation between them and is sorrowful.

Arohi is examining Kairav. Manish provides her with a biodata of a suitable groom. Manish asks her to wait her turn. Abhimanyu notices that Akshara’s hand is sprained. Akshara states that it could be due to a mistake during the process of making a change to the tire. Akshara inquires if the man believes that she has more importance to her family members and doesn’t really love him as she ought to. Abhimanyu advises her to not think too much and to talk to him whenever she’s unclear.

Akshara is in conversation with Manjiri and asks her to believe in Manjiri and asks her to trust. They have plans for the birthday of Abhimanyu. Manjiri is hoping to receive an unexpected gift to Abhimanyu coming from Akshara.

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